Nail the perfect manicure with Shumaila’s

September 5, 2013

Let’s face it there is nothing like some new makeup to perk up even the dullest days. For a cheap pick me up you can’t beat a new item of makeup and for years it seemed that the makeup of choice for women looking for a cheap treat was lipstick – the saying even goes that women buy more lipstick in a recession because they can’t afford more expensive items such as clothing. However, that seems to be turning on its head with manicures becoming the cosmetic option of choice.


According to research from Mintel in 2012, for the first time ever the value of the UK nail colour cosmetic markets equalled that of lipstick. What’s more they even predict that the nail colour sector will grow this year and by the end of 2013 overtake lipsticks!


So if you want to give your nails some much needed love what manicure trends should you go for? codrin codrin


Classic red

This never goes out of style as there is something enduringly sophisticated about red nails. Perhaps it is the fact that so many of Hollywood’s most glamorous leading ladies have been known for their red nails. Therefore, if you want a classic look that screams glamour you can’t go far wrong with a great red that will just add a polished look to your style.


French manicure

Like a glam red there is something so timeless and sophisticated about a French manicure. The classic nude nails with white tips not only go with any outfit but will make your hands seem polished and finished without screaming look at me as red can sometimes do.


Nudes have been a huge nail trend in recent years and like a French manicure go with anything. However, nude nails don’t have to be boring as there are so many colours to choose from. From pinks and taupes to mushrooms and beiges you can’t go far wrong with a classic nude colour.

3D nails


Ever since the launch of the popular caviar manicure, 3D embellishments on nails have been everywhere. From feather effects to velvet style manicures and even using jewels on the nails there is nothing two dimensional about this season’s nail trends.



Ever since the Minx nail trend really took off, metallic nails have been hugely popular from silver to gold and even coppers. Metallic nails add a really edgy twist to any look and are a fun way of channelling the nail art trend. For a really glam take on the look you can’t go far wrong with sparkles or glitter. Glittery nails are perfect for the upcoming party season as they scream disco. And if you don’t want to go for every nail with a glittery finish why not try a ring finger manicure and just add sparkle to your ring finger?


Whatever nail trend you go for at Shumaila’s, we have trained beauticians who can make your hands look as good as the rest of you.