New Year, New you: Botox Anti-ageing wrinkle injections

January 22, 2013

With January officially known as the month to get your New Year’s beauty resolutions going, here’s how to keep skin looking 10 years younger in 15 minutes with an affordable Botox treatment in London that works as anti-ageing wrinkle injections.

Botox anti-wrinkle injection in the female face

Facial areas Botox can target

There are a lot of misconceptions when the word ‘Botox’ circulates in the media and what people know about it. Especially when you haven’t come across someone who’s opted for the treatment before, all seems vague and most of your assumptions about these anti-ageing wrinkle injections are based on stereotypes or television programmes to a great extent. All that is great, but in reality Botox is an anti-wrinkle treatment that can be used mostly around the eyes, especially crow’s feet, the forehead area, brow bone, nose to mouth lines and the chin.

Botox Effects: Soften, blur and tighten

Now that you know which areas of the face can be targeted via a Botox treatment, it is inevitable to know precisely what effect it will have on those areas of the face. Botox is an injection that contains a very small protein which works as a muscle relaxant, calming down your expression lines and overactive muscles giving you more control over certain areas of your face that you previously had.

Those unconscious gatherings of deep lines forming the shape ‘11’ between your eyebrows when you frown or scowl even slightly make you look angry even if you are not. Those crinkly formations of fine lines on your forehead make you appear stressed and worried constantly even if you are not. These are expression lines that one forms over a number of years due to overactive muscles in certain areas of the face.

As time passes by, it becomes a habit of these muscles to form a particular shape, in this case causing wrinkles, regardless of what expression you make or what mood you are in. Not only does it prevent oneself from conveying their emotions accurately but can give uncertain vibes to unknown people or embed false first impressions based on the unconscious unpleasant look due to these deep wrinkles and fine lines. Botox works as an age reversing measure in this case, relaxing these muscles, tightening the skin around the area, filling in wrinkles and fine lines and overall give the face a softer appearance.

A preventive measure

The primary purpose of Botox injections is to act as an age-reversing measure but what is less known is the fact that it also works as a preventive treatment for those in their late 20’s and 30’s when these expression lines have not formed deeply. Prevention is better than cure and it surely does apply in this case for if a patient opts for Botox injections on their forehead (which is a large surface area and highly prone to developing wrinkles) on initial detection of soft wrinkles, it calms the muscles in that area hence preventing it from developing into deep lines at a later stage. Skin stays taut, reflecting light better and maintaining that youthful glow!