A “Pamper Me” Spring Kick Off

April 8, 2015

After a long hard winter we all deserve to pamper ourselves a little bit and get ready for the spring. Our body and appearance goes through a lot during the winter. It is difficult just to keep it healthy and maintained, so we are able to put our best features forward. Now that spring is here it is time to pamper ourselves, and at the same time undo all the damage that the winter may have done.

It begins with the body:

Your body has been covered in tight restrictive clothing for several months now, and it’s time to set it free. No better way to do that than with one of the many body treatments that are offered here. Ideally you want to detoxify your body, and the detoxifying back facial is ideal.

Pretty feet and hands:

Next it is time to give some tender loving care to your hands and feet. They are some beautiful sandals on the market this year, and you will want your feet to look their best. You will want to show the new spring nail polishes off with hands that are beautifully maintained. This means a manicure. Be sure to book the luxury pedicure because remember this is a “pamper me”, service you are doing for yourself.

The ultimate facial:

Depending on the type of winter you have had, this will dictate which facial is the one you want to start the spring season off with. Perhaps you are beginning to deal with some fine lines. A dry skin or being exposed to the harsh winter weather may be enhancing these. No worries though, because a Biosurface facial peel is going to rectify all of these skin starter problems. If you have undergone a lot of stress then you may be showing some real signs of this, or even if you have experienced some weight loss, you may need a corrective facial. Here the facial of choice should be the CACI face lift. With these facials not only are you lifting off all of the potential winter damage signs, but you are removing years off your looks as well.

Now each and every one of these treatments has the “wow” appearance factor about them. You are going to feel totally rejuvenated and like you are ready to take on the world, after their completion. Remember, when you look good you feel good.

There is one thing that we have not mentioned as yet, that may not be so relaxing but is a necessity for spring preparation. That is hair removal. If you are going to go to all these other measures to look top notch for the warm weather, then you need to be body hair free.

The great aspect here is when you have your hair removal treatments done here at Shumaila’s, you have lots of options. The hair removal services offer great results that are long lasting, with superior results and minimal discomfort if any.

Be sure to beat the spring rush, and book your “pamper me” services now as spring is waiting for you!