Picking the right hairstyle whatever your face shape

February 27, 2013

There is probably no better way of changing your look then getting a new hairstyle. If done well a new style can really improve the way you look – take Michelle Obama’s new bangs or Anne Hathaway’s dramatic pixie crop which makes them look fab! But how do you know whether getting a new fringe will suit you or whether you should go for a dramatic chop?


photo: freedigitalphotos.net/healingdream

photo: freedigitalphotos.net/healingdream

Well a lot will depend on the shape of your face but regardless of what shape face you have there will be a cut to suit you (well that is unless you are lucky enough to have an oval shaped face and then you can try any look you want).

Round faces

If like Emma Stone you have a round face it will often feature softly fuller cheeks and a softly rounded chin and forehead – the idea is if you were to trace round your face it would look circular. So you want a cut that is going deflect some of the roundness. Therefore, long hair tends to look great on round faces as it helps to lengthen the face, you should also try to make sure that your layers aren’t too short as they will add too much body to your face. You also want a style that is going to add height to your face rather than width as this will balance out any roundness so opt for soft ruffled layers on the top of your head. While when it comes to fringes a sweeping side fringe is a great for your face as it creates angles and counteracts the roundness.

Heart-shaped faces

If there is one actress that is the perfect example of a heart shaped face it has to be Reese Witherspoon – she has a wider forehead with a jaw that tapers down to a narrow chin. So if like Reese you have a heart shaped face you will want to find a style that will create volume across the bottom half of your face. So keep curls loose and make sure that you go for soft layers around your chin. Unlike round faces you want to avoid styles with too much height and don’t go for short wide styles. If you want a fringe with a heart-shaped face its best to go for long side swept bangs as they will draw attention away from the top of your head.

Square faces

Think Megan Fox for inspiration if you have a square shaped face – basically you have a square face if you have a strong angular jaw line and a wide forehead (apparently women with square faces age well you lucky things).

However, in order to get the best look for your face you need to add roundness so add height at the crown or fringe and avoid blunt cut bobs as they will only emphasis your jaw. But luckily you look great with long hair so embrace it.

Oval faces

If you have an oval shaped face then you are lucky as you are going to suit any hair style. This is because your forehead and chin are in equal proportion to each other which means that you are not limited with the hairstyles you can choose – so it’s an excuse to really go to town and experiment with your look.

Long faces

These are almost like a stretched out version of an oval face and your face will look longer than it is wider. Therefore, with this shape its best to avoid hair that is too long as this will just make your drag your face down so make sure you keep your hair at shoulder length or above to add width to your face.