Post pregnancy hair care

September 11, 2013

In the recent months we have seen a number of new celebrity mums, from the Duchess of Cambridge making her public debut since the birth of Prince George as well as Kim Kardashian showcasing her new hairdo after the birth of North West. If there was one thing that these public appearances had in common was their post pregnancy hair.



Photo: Castillo Dominici

Photo: Castillo Dominici

Kim Kardashian turned heads recently when she showed off her newly dyed blonde hair. However, the Duchess of Cambridge’s normally pristine Chelsea blow dry was looking a little bit more lacklustre then usual (of course it still looked great but perhaps not its usual amazing self). For a lot of women, the lack of time available to spend on hair care is combined with the fact that women lose hair post-pregnancy. This is because the pregnancy hormones stop your hair from falling out during your pregnancy so it then falls out after they give birth.

So what can you learn from Kim Kardashian and the Duchess of Cambridge’s post baby hair? Well a lot of women do what Kardashian did and change their hair. For many it is seen as a massive confidence boost and a way of telling the world that they are back, so a new hair colour might just give you that boost you need.

However, if there is one thing new mums don’t really have it is lots of time, so it’s best to go for a simple cut that is easy to maintain and doesn’t take a lot of styling. In fact a good hairdresser will be able to style a new mum’s hair in a way that requires very little if any maintenance. The aim is to have a cut that just falls into place straight after washing so there is no need for blow drying or styling – perfect for a new mum. Longer hair is also a good idea for new mums as it can be worn up when they don’t have time to wash their hair. Of course, when the little one starts to grow up and begins grabbing your hair you may want to go for a shorter style.

One thing is for sure – it is best to go for something that is low maintenance but just because you have had a baby doesn’t mean you have to give up your style completely. You can still look fab and let’s face it you are allowed an off day so give yourself a break and go easy on your hairdo. While at Shumaila’s we’ll make sure you have a great hair style that works with your lifestyle.