Pre-winter beauty tips

September 2, 2013

Well it is official September is finally upon us which means autumn is on its way and winter is not far behind. Winter can be a great time but it can play havoc on your looks especially on your skin and your hair. So before the depth of the British winter starts why not take a few precautions to stay looking your best.




So what should you be doing to ensure you transition from summer to winter with ease? Here are a few pre-winter tips.


Deal with summer beauty problems

Summer may have left your looks look a little lack lustre. So now is the time to deal with any issues you may have had. You might find that you skin has had too much sun and is a little dry and dull so make sure you exfoliate and get a good facial so that your skin can regain some of its healthy glow.


When it comes to your hair make sure you book in for a good trim so that you can cut out any split ends and now is a good time to refresh your colour as well. That way you hair and skin can be in the best possible condition before winter starts. While for any Mum’s out there the kid’s return to school may be the perfect excuse to have a relaxing massage after a busy summer.


Rebuild from within

The best way of ensuring your hair and skin looks good no matter what the weather is is to make sure you are nourished from within. So this means drinking lots of water – in the winter months we feel less thirsty so we can often forget to rehydrate and just by drinking plenty of fluids will really improve the condition of your skin. If water is not your thing then fruit tea or clear soups are a creative way of getting fluid.

You can also start stocking up on vitamins such as Omega 3 or why not copy Miranda Kerr and try Chlorella which is a green algae supplement and has folic acid, iron, vitamin A, B12, B6 and D as well as all the essential fatty acid. These supplements will help stop dry lacklustre skin and will nourish it from within. While foods such as Salmon and tuna which are high in Omega 3 so will plump your skin up, spinach and avocado – which will give you a skin protecting boost of vitamin E which will help protect your skin from damage from UV as well as repairing cell damage, as well as vitamin C rich foods such as tomatoes and citrus fruits which will help stave off wrinkles.


Rescue time

Even with the best intentions you may find that your skin and hair still gets a little damaged but if the worst does happen you can easily repair it with a good facial treatment and nourishing treatment for your hair so even as the weather turns icy you will ha