Pregnancy beauty tips

February 6, 2013

It seems that there is something of a baby boom in the celebrity world – what with the Duchess of Cambridge, Fearne Cotton, Coleen Rooney and Kim Kardashian all expecting children its hard to get away from celebs blooming while pregnant. With so many famous women displaying glamorous bumps it can be hard for us mere mortals to keep up but if you are pregnant or trying for a baby you can still look fab and harness that pregnancy glow. So here is Shumaila’s essential guide to looking your best while expecting.

Pregnancy beauty tips

Pregnancy beauty tips


Expect changes

Pregnancy can dramatically change the way you look from your complexion even to the colour of your hair. This is down to the hormones which flood your body. However, if you expect this to this to happen you won’t be in for a massive shock and off course there is always that fabled pregnancy glow.

Dealing with stretch marks

Stretch marks affect almost 8 in 10 women when they are pregnant. This is because of the rapid weight gain and hormonal change linked to pregnancy. However, there are things that can be done to help make them less noticeable. The best thing to do is make sure you moisturise your bump daily using a stretch mark cream which will help reduce the look of your stretch marks.

Don’t forget to relax

Relaxation is really key when you are pregnant. Now more than ever it is important to take time for yourself and spend time relaxing. However, if you are going for a treatment like a massage it is important that your therapist is aware that you are pregnant and if you are feeling nauseous then they may be able to use unscented oils. It’s also important for them to know as certain aromatherapy oils aren’t appropriate when pregnant. However, treatments like a mani or pedi are perfectly safe as the chemicals in them are not absorbed and your nails are actually getting stronger as a result of the pregnancy.

Take care of your skin

While a lot of people talk about the pregnancy glow it can sometimes feel that it doesn’t exist. This is because there is no way to tell how your skin will change over the nine months of your pregnancy; therefore, a facial could be a good way to keep track of your changing skin and make sure you look your best.

Hair care

During your pregnancy you may find that your hair is thicker and shinier this is because normal daily hair loss slows down and when you give birth it may seem like your hair is falling out rapidly but this is because you are losing hair that you would have lost over the nine months. However, while you are pregnant you might as well take advantage of your shiny new hair with a glam new style. It’s also safe to dye your hair when pregnant although you may find that the results are different because your hair is more porous which will affect how the product reacts with your hair.