Protect the under-eye area: tips & tricks

December 14, 2012

tips & tricksThe area under the eyes is ten times thinner than the skin on the face hence it’s important to take special care of it to prevent dark circles, puffy eyes, under eye bags, wrinkles, fine lines and crows feet. There is a reason as to why facial creams are not recommended to be used around the eye area as it can be a little too harsh for it or the eyes can start watering if too sensitive.

Moreover, the under eye area does not produce moisture or oils on its own and a heavy dose of moisturiser is needed to keep the area hydrated and supple. One major mistake most people make is to not invest in a good quality eye cream but as years pass by, the effects will be visibly noticeable and although cures are available in the form of Botox and Dermal Fillers, prevention is better than cure as they say.

tips & tricksStay away from sunlight

Avoiding sun exposure on the eyes can play a vital role as a foolproof anti-ageing measure. Sun rays are known to dry out the eye area immensely, consequently creating harder skin and wrinkles. Also, sunlight unconsciously makes people cringe and squint their eyes leading to crows feet. It is wise to always have sunglasses handy in your bag, regardless of the weather and to always wear a SPF of 30 or higher around the eyes.

Change your lifestyle

Cigarette smoking, consumption of alcohol and foods with high amount of sodium, stress, lack of sleep, anaemia, lack of water in the body, near sightedness and allergies are a combination of factors than can lead to a poorly maintained under eye area and cause an exaggeration in conditions such as puffiness, swollen eyes, crows feet, fine lines, squinting, damaged capillaries and so on. On the whole, your aim should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle by consuming at least 8 glasses of water per day, having 7-8 hours of sleep consistently, keeping allergies in control, wearing the correct prescription, eating fruits and veggies and reducing stress.

tips & tricksStir up a treat

Keeping the eye area drenched in eye cream is a must, not a treat. Besides that, do indulge in gentle yet regular massages with your fingers to stimulate the capillaries and blood flow around the area, which can fade dark circles effectively. Opting for cold or hot eye packs on the eyes can also help relax and rejuvenate once or twice a week. The warmth can be comforting to improve blood circulation and relieve strain and allergies or tired eyes from staring at the computer screen. Cold Eye packs on the other hand are great to absorb heat from blood shot eyes or to soothe and cool puffy, itchy eyes.