Shumaila’s Flat Shader Brush – MAC 239 Dupe

March 16, 2015

The flat top shader that’s been in the news for various reasons. White brush hairs, rounded edges and firm bristles make it the perfect tool to lay on eye shadow like a dream. With application that’s smooth as silk yet with sturdy bristles, the flat shader brush is known for it’s unparalled ability to ‘pack’ on eye shadow. MAC 239 is something that has a higher price point, almost no dupes in the high street and something that everyone would want multiples of due to it’s versatility.

Hence after a huge number of make-up clients demanding something similar from us after our Make-up Artists used it on them, our team has put in their best efforts to create something that’s similar if not better. Shumaila’s Flat Shader brush is spot-on MAC 239 dupe if you are looking for an eye shadow application brush that’s of professional quality, accessible and affordable, especially if you like to own multiples for your kit. If you spend your spare time trying to perfect a blending job when it comes to creating a smoky eye or paint an ombre effect, you’ll know exactly what we are talking about.

There’s almost no harsh edges with this simple eye shadow applicator and that’s what makes it unique. A brush with square edges can leave behind a harsh finish which needs further blending. With this MAC 239 dupe, it’s buffed out edges apply and blend eye shadow at the same time, leaving behind a seamless finish and smooth texture.

We absolutely love how the MAC 239 brush is an invaluable tool to use with glitter, shimmer powder, pigments and so on. Handy for when creating bridal work, photo shoots or fashion looks – the flat shader brush is literally like no other when it comes to picking up those particles of glitter and shimmer and packing them on top of an eye shadow look. Adding glitter and shimmer particles on top of an eye shadow look is a great way to add a finishing touch for a glossy effect as well as to create some texture and dimension especially when working with artificial lighting. Also, if you use a fluffy brush of any sort, brush hairs for which aren’t glued together tightly, you can end up with a lot of fall out on the face which can be a nightmare to get rid of.

Have you ever loved an eye shadow shade so much but when you’re trying to apply it, the colour doesn’t really translate too well? This usually happens with high end and luxury brands in particular that like to make beautiful eye shadow shades but keep their finish sheer for their clientele. Avoid using a fluffy brush with frayed bristles for these kind of products. For an exact translation of colour, you need a dense and compact brush that can literally pick up the eye shadow pigment from the pan and dab it onto the lashes to provide maximum coverage.

Our Make-up Artists also love to work with mousse, cream and liquid eye shadows. Although using a powder eye shadow is traditional and convenient, different textures are great to play around with to create a multi-dimensional look. When working with wet or slightly tacky textures as such, avoid using goat hair eye shadow brushes or those that have longer bristles or are too fluffy and flimsy. Emollient textures can crumble when applied with a lousy brush and look patchy and untidy. This MAC 239 dupe has proven to be useful when working with different eye shadow textures. The white brush hairs are created in a way that their resistance doesn’t weaken when soaked in an emollient eye shadow.

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