Shumaila’s top five beauty tips

July 31, 2013

Looking good can sometimes seem like a minefield as there seems to be so much conflicting advice around. It can often seem hard to know what to do for the best so here are a few tips we at Shumaila’s have picked up over the years.


Always remove your makeup Miles Miles

We get it you have had a busy day or a heavy night and all you want to do is to crawl into bed and sleep, so the last thing on your mind is removing your makeup. However, leaving your makeup on overnight is one of the worst things you can do for your skin. The problem is that old makeup clogs up the pores causing dryness, acne as well as making you look older. Skipping your nightly cleansing ritual means that all the dirt and pollutants from daily life stick around on your skin and that is not good for it.


Therefore, get into the habit of cleansing daily and of course moisturising, simply to let your skin breathe and start with a clean canvas the next morning. From there if you want to get a bit more complicated then regularly exfoliating your skin will help remove any dead skin cells and leave it looking much better. While regular facials can help target problem areas and help repair any damage to your skin.


Wear sunscreen

OK we know you have heard this a thousand times before but it really does help keep your skin looking younger. UVA and UVB rays are particularly harmful to the skin and can do damage even on a cloudy day so pick products with an SPF in them. So look for moisturisers and foundation with an SPF of at least 15 in them so your skin is protected and stays looking younger for longer.


Sort your brows

Eyebrows really anchor and frame the face and if your eyebrows are shaped and tidy you will look and feel better therefore, pay attention to your brows. One of the easiest ways of keeping them in shape is by threading them which helps keep a natural yet groomed look and is very long lasting.

Don’t squeeze your spots

No one thinks they would still be getting spots well into adulthood but unfortunately spots are still a problem for a lot of us but never ever squeeze them no matter how tempting it is. Squeezing your spots is not only likely to lead to scaring it can also worsen the pimple and spread bacteria to other parts of your face causing more spots – not nice!

Stop that colour fading

There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a fab new hair colour only to watch it fade before your eyes. One sure fire way of ensuring your hair colour lasts longer is to use a deep conditioning treatment once a month. That will help lock in your hair colour as well as stopping your hair drying out and looking damaged so it has multiple benefits.


With these few simple beauty tips you should look and feel better all year round just don’t tell your Mum or risk hearing I told you so!