Smartphone Acne: How to Avoid and Treat

July 3, 2013

Do you remember in the earlier days when people went to the Dermatologist with a case of one sided acne and they got asked which side of the face they sleep on, how regularly they change pillow cases, bed sheets and so on? Well, nothing much has changed in today’s society besides that a case of Smartphone acne is now more common than the latter. If you think about how many hours of the day your cheek stays glued on to your mobile handset, it’s no surprise all that grime, bacteria, dust and environmental pollution is passed on to your skin from the device.

solve smartphone acne skin problems

Bacteria is the main cause of acne, pimples, white heads and blemishes of any sort. They get trapped into the pores and facial hair and cause a breakout which then takes days to heal and scars, even months! Of course topical and oral medication can help recover a case of smartphone acne but what’s important is to avoid it from occurring again, especially if you are sure of what’s causing it.

The first thing you do is to immediately switch to using earphones, a headset or bluetooth device to avoid any sort of direct contact between your smartphone and your facial skin. Apparently the pressure of the phone pushed against the skin creates heat which triggers the oil glands to product more oil, consequently creating a perfectly warm environment for the bacteria to breed in.

You can also take some cotton wool and toner and whilst indulging in your evening skincare regime, make it a habit to quickly clean the phone’s screen with cotton wool and a gentle toner. No harsh exfoliating chemical peels please! Also make sure you just use a small amount sparingly and ensure your phone has a screen protector on whilst you do this step.

Exfoliate with a salicylic acid skincare product almost everyday. It can be in the form of a toner, cleanser, moisturiser, serum or face mask. What salicylic acid does is that it almost makes a U-turn from your pores, cleansing it from inside out. Clear pores every day means that bacteria, dirt and grime does not stay in your skin for more than a day to cause a breakout. This step can be especially useful if you workout regularly and wear make-up on an everyday basis.

If you’re not great with a strict skincare routine at home, book yourself a Microdermabrasion Treatment or a Dermalogica Deep Cleansing Facial once a month to give your skin the much needed detox. Both of these treatments will draw out the impurities from within, prevent further breakouts and exfoliate the top most layer of the skin, leaving you with fresh flawless skin.