Some Really Good Hair and Beauty Prices at Our London Salon

July 14, 2012

Here at Shumaila’s, we really provide quality services throughout all of our five London-based hair and beauty salons. And all of our professional services are provided for good, money-saving prices.

Let’s break down these special prices, so that you can see exactly what we’re talking about, shall we?

Facials Price List at Our London-based Salons

A facial is a typical hair and beauty service that has become one of our most popular services. A facial is highly worth your time and money because it cleans, nourishes and exfoliates your skin.

Also referred to as “deep-pore cleansing” or “deep-cleansing facial”, a facial is the most popular spa treatment after massage.

At Shumaila’s hair and beauty salons in London, you could get a facial for an incredible good price of £15.00 for a basic facial that includes: cleanse, tone, scrub and mask. Now that’s a really good time and money investment in your beauty, isn’t it?

For more details on this service, feel free to visit our facials beauty services page, as well as our London hair and beauty price list section.

Hair removal in a top-class London salon

All of our five salons in London provide hair removal services; these range from permanent laser hair removal to electrolysis permanent hair removal.

The best part of it all, apart from the benefit of having your unwanted hair permanently removed, is that we provide our services at unbeatable prices, starting from as little as £20.00.

Our London hair and beauty prices list page gives you a clear view of the prices we charge for hair removal services. You definitely can’t say no to that.

Waxing services prices list at our London salons

Unlike our laser hair removal service (described above) which can permanently remove unwanted hair, our hair and beauty salons also provide waxing services as unbeatable prices.

Waxing is a safe and convenient method of having unwanted hair removed from its root, whilst also being quick and easy.

All of our London based salons provide waxing services at great prices, starting with at little as £3.50 for eye brow waxing.

For more details, feel free to check out our hair and beauty prices list page, as well as our complete beauty guide to waxing.

So there you have it: professional hair and beauty services provided by our London based salons, at unbeatable prices.

Which one’s your favourite?