SOS for summer hair

July 10, 2013

The sun is finally shining and Britain is basking in a heat wave, but without meaning to put a dampener on the glorious weather while it’s great for our souls it’s not so good for our hair. Summer can unfortunately take its toll on our locks – from the drying effects of the sun to chlorine in the pool as well as sea salt your hair can take a bit of a bashing in the warmer months. However, all is not lost with a few simple hair care tips you can ensure your summer hair stays in tip top condition.




Book in for that trim

Getting regular haircuts is probably one of the best things you can do for your hair. By getting your hair cut every six to eight weeks it stops any split ends you have from travelling up the hair shaft and weakening the whole of your hair. With the drying effect of the sun you don’t want to do any further damage to your locks so by booking in for that trim you know you will be keeping your hair in the best possible condition.

Go deep with your conditioner

Regular deep conditioning treatments will help restore any moisture lost from your hair during the summer months. What’s more constantly soaking our hair in the pool or sea and letting it dry it can get damaged more easily. By using a deep conditioning mask at least once a week you will be helping to repair sun damaged locks and also providing protection against damage in the first place. Or why not book in for a replenishing treatment when you get your hair trimmed? Your hairdresser will be able to find the best treatment to lock in any lost moisture.

Put down the heated stylers

We know that when your hair is frizzy and parched it is really tempting to try and straighten or curl some life back into it. However, if your hair has been damaged then turning to heated styling tools is only going to make it worse. When the air is moist or humid it can take longer to style and dry you hair which can leave it even more damaged. Therefore, embrace the relaxed beach vibe of the summer and leave your hair natural for a while and if you really must use heated styling products make sure you use a good heat protection product.


Watch the chlorine

If you’re on holiday you are going to want a dip in the pool but the chlorine can damage your hair and strip out any colour so if you do go for a swim make sure you wash your hair the moment you get out as well as treating it with an intense conditioner. That way you will be able to limit the amount of damage done to your crowning glory.


With a few simple precautions there is no reason that everyday can’t be a good hair day this summer so what are you waiting for? It’s time to make the most of summer.