Microblading Eyebrows

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Botox Injections: How prevention is better than cure

There is no definitive black and white answer to this question but research suggests that collagen production slows down for most people from the age of 25. Collagen is a…
March 26, 2013

Botox Treatment: The most popular minimally invasive procedure

Did you know that Botox Treatment has been declared as the most popular minimally invasive procedure amongst clients with more than 3 million injections of the miracle wrinkle smoother administered…
March 15, 2013

Top reasons to get Botox treatment

Regardless of what people think about Botox, there is just as much reason for men to invest in skincare treatments as it is for ladies! You’re not getting enough sleep…
March 11, 2013

Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Botox Treatment in London!

Mother’s Day Botox Treatment With Mother’s Day just around the corner on the 10th March (incase anyone forgot), there is a ton of botox treatment options available for the most…
February 26, 2013

Benefits of Botox Injections: Non-invasive, anti-ageing & lifting

The Benefits Of Botox If wrinkles are affecting your confidence it is essential that you undertake a Botox treatment. Botox is guaranteed to make you look and feel at least…
February 19, 2013