Microblading Eyebrows

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Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Botox Treatment in London!

Mother’s Day Botox Treatment With Mother’s Day just around the corner on the 10th March (incase anyone forgot), there is a ton of botox treatment options available for the most…
February 26, 2013

Benefits of Botox Injections: Non-invasive, anti-ageing & lifting

The Benefits Of Botox If wrinkles are affecting your confidence it is essential that you undertake a Botox treatment. Botox is guaranteed to make you look and feel at least…
February 19, 2013
February 12, 2013

The ‘perfect’ age for Botox Injections?

There is a lot of debate considering what is the perfect age for a Botox Injections. Some believe the non surgical cosmetic treatment is reserved for the mature audience who…
February 8, 2013