Teeth Whitening Tips & Tricks

April 11, 2014

The British are much maligned by our American cousins for the state of our teeth. There is something in that argument as due to many reasons such as cost we simply do not visit the dentist as often as we should. That said, there are more of us than you would think have perfectly healthy sets of gnashers which are only let down by the colour. If you have good teeth that are let down by their shade here are some handy tips for getting a set of pearly whites.

The first one, of course, it teeth whitening. These come in a vast array of choices and methods now from ones that you get done in the dentists chair to the hundreds on the Internet you can do at home. While the second option is invariably cheaper than the first this is not a procedure that comes cheap, and there have been reports that despite guards being worn the chemicals in the whitener can damage the gums.

At Shumaila’s however, we offer a unique teeth whitening treatment that is peroxide free and is completely safe for sensitive teeth and gums. Currently on offer for £60 and carried out by a trained therapist, it’s cheaper than what you’d get done at the Dentist’s and more long lasting than the results you would achieve from DIY kits.

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If you are a lover of red wine then chances are you will have a devil of a job keeping your teeth white. It isn’t only wine drinkers that have this problem however as those who drink a lot of cola, black tea and coffee or eat sweets with colouring agents and certain berries can also suffer from this staining problem. If you are loathe to give up your favourite food and drinks then make sure you clean your teeth as soon as possible afterwards with a good quality whitening toothpaste, or our next tip.

They say the old remedies are the best and when it comes to teeth whitening this is certainly true. Bicarbonate of soda on your toothbrush may not taste the most pleasant of the bunch out there but there is nothing quite like it for lifting stains from teeth. As it is invariably the front teeth that are hammered from food, drink and the ultimate horror smoking, cleaning these teeth in a circular motion before using your toothpaste will brighten than smile in no time. Get ready to flaunt those pearly whites!

We have discussed the food that stains teeth so let’s now have a look at the food that actually whitens them. As opposed to other berries, strawberries are renowned for their teeth whitening qualities. By rubbing a strawberry directly onto your teeth or making a paste and rubbing it on will diminish staining, strawberries are also acidic which can weaken teeth enamel however so you should clean your teeth properly straight afterwards with toothpaste.

The quickest and easiest way to eliminate staining is to follow the eating, drinking or smoking with a drink of water. This greatly dilutes the staining agents and is an old trick of the savvy wine drinker. This is particularly useful on a night out when you cannot keep cleaning your teeth after every drink, course or cigarette. That jug of water on the restaurant table can be more beneficial than you ever realised as not only will it reduce the tanning but also flush out those pesky bits of food stuck in teeth and help to fight tooth decay and gum disease. Two birds with one stone!