The best skincare regime whatever your age

The best skincare regime whatever your age

Let’s face whatever our age us girls want to make sure we look our best and have great looking skin.  That often means finding a skincare routine and sticking to it but as we age so does our skin so it’s really important to adapt your skincare to your changing skin. So here is Shumaila’s guide to the best skincare regime whatever your age.






In your 20s the big factors you’ll want to deal with is acne and maybe some skin discoloration from sun damage but now is the time to start protecting your skin from future damage. So make sure you protect it from the harmful rays of the sun by using moisturisers with SPF in.


For acne prone skin things like facials especially targeted at adult acne and you can also use specialist treatments when you do get a breakout. If your skin is looking dull after too many nights out you should start using serums with vitamin C in to revitalise your skin and when it comes to moisturiser don’t skip this step but go for a light one as you don’t want to overload your skin with products.



In your 30s you might be starting to see the effects of sun damage on your skin while your skin will now be starting to lose some of its elasticity. However, at this age it is all about confidence in your own skin so you only need to make a few tweeks to your regime.


One thing that is a great idea to introduce into your skincare regime is regular exfoliation (you may want to start getting exfoliating facials at this point) as your skin will only naturally exfoliate itself every 35 days (it’s just 14 when you are in your 20s). Also try to add some antioxidants into your skincare regime to help lesson any damage from free radicals.




You might start noticing some fine lines as your skin loses some of its collagen. So it’s all about adding in lost moisture and getting products that will replace some of the lost collagen. So maybe think about treatments such as a Derma roller which produces loads of minute pin pricks on the skin encouraging it to produce more collagen.




In your 50s you will need to focus on miniaturisation and repairing any damage you may have done so make sure you start using age appropriate skincare. You will also need to start getting specific anti aging treatments so may want to look at Botox and fillers for wrinkles and fine line, or even a CACI non-surgical facelift which will help you look and feel younger as this will also help deal with other age related issues such as skin pigmentation and the loss of elasticity caused by the loss of collagen. Therefore just because your skin is aging doesn’t mean you have to give up on looking great.



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