The importance of a regular Face Workout

October 2, 2013

A face workout is just as necessary to improve the functioning of the facial muscles as is exercise to keep the body in shape. A face workout will prevent the facial muscles from ageing, will keep them supple, maintain elasticity, promote radiance and improve defined contours. A face that does not move more and does not display many emotions is apparently more prone to ageing, as opposed to the myth. Don’t be worried about fine lines and wrinkles here because we are not talking about excessive frowning, scowling or cringing that is likely to cause fine lines and wrinkles. By a facial workout, we mean taking out the time to exercise the muscles, to re-educate them and to help them perform their best.

facial workout skincare tips

Massage the entire face, morning and evening in circular motions, especially around the rim of the face to release tension. It gently helps in lifting the skin via these facial movements. Massage helps in boosting blood circulation and an increased amount of blood pumped into the facial muscles will ensure skin looks healthy and radiant, alongside promoting collagen and elastin production.

A tight jaw is what most of us suffer from. This is known as the dust bin of the face where all the toxins gather and help in causing tiredness, anxiety, headaches, irritability and poor sleep. Pinch the chin with your first two fingers and thumb, start from the centre and drag the toxins towards the end of the jawline, pushing them down towards the neck. Repeat this motion few times a week to ensure your well being and to promote enhanced contours and a chiselled jawline.

A double chin or chicken neck is another problem that most of us suffer from due to lack of facial exercise. What can be done to improve the appearance of it is to massage the chin beginning from the neck upwards towards the chin. Another effective facial workout to get rid of a double chin or chicken neck is to pout and look up towards the ceiling, staying in that position for ten seconds. Repeating this facial workout three times a day can help get rid of that double chin without the need for any surgery or face lift at all.

Lightly pinch the skin all over the face to stimulate blood flow. Pinching right above the eye brows, on top of the cheekbones, on the lower lashes, just above the jaw line helps encourage lymph drainage, flushes excess fluids from the body and enhances blood flow. This coupled with all the above face workout techniques will help provide an instant glow and enhance a long term lift in the facial muscles drooping south in particular.