There’s no need to Losing weight this New Year

January 9, 2013

Losing weight

Losing weight is probably the most popular New Year’s resolution as the excess of Christmas and the potential of a fresh start offered by the New Year spurs a lot of women into trying to drop a few pounds. In fact new research from Onken has found that a third of women fear stepping onto the scales in January. However, as January draws to a close can be hard to stick to a healthy regime. So how can you ensure that you lose a few extra pounds and that it stays off?


Losing weight

Losing weight

Keep a food and exercise diary

This is one of the best things you can do of you want to lose weight as it will really help you focus on what you actually eat and do exercise wise. A lot of people underestimate just how much they really eat so it can often be a real eye opener. What’s more you can start to identify trends so if you always grab a chocolate bar on the way home from work because you are hungry you be prepared and can replace that with fruit or other healthy snacks.

Don’t go it alone

Enlisting the help of a friend can be a real motivator and a great way to stick to your goals. Let’s face it a little healthy competition can really goad you into action and a supportive friend will always give you a boost and inspire you to carry on.

Set achievable goals

Starting the New Year and telling yourself you will drop several dress sizes in mere months is not the best idea as when you don’t see results fast enough it is very easy to get disheartened and give up entirely. Instead, set realistic goals and you will then feel motivated to carry on.

Reward yourself

Sometimes it can feel like you are constantly depriving yourself when you are trying to lose weight and while focusing on the end goal can help you should reward yourself as you go along. So set yourself small achievable goals and when you hit them you can reward yourself as a result. This can be something as simple as relaxing bubble bath or why not get a beauty treat such as a massage or manicure to show case the new confident you.

Take a break

You don’t need to be good all of the time – in fact if you do you are more likely to burn out and give up entirely. Instead you should apply the 80/20 principle which states that you should eat healthily and exercise 80 per cent of the time and 20 per cent you can afford to be a bit bad. So the odd slice of chocolate cake is OK as long as it is in moderation and may help you stay on track.

Don’t give up

There are going to be occasions when you fall of the wagon and slip back into your old ways but if that happens then it’s important to put it behind you and move on. If you do slip and have that chocolate bar move on with the rest of your regime instead of wallowing and giving up entirely.

Get a little extra help

Of course if you do want a bit of extra help you could try a slimming body wrap which can help get rid of some of those extra inches. The idea is that the wrap can help your body rid itself of unwanted toxins and helps the fat melt away.