Tips for brunette to blonde hair transition – Kim Kardashian’s Platinum Blonde

March 13, 2015

Love her or hate her, you surely cannot ignore her. Yes, it’s none other than Kimmy K and her newly dyed platinum blonde locks revealed in Paris that we are talking about. Caring two hoots about the dramatic change, the previously brunette Kardashian sends out a message to women in particular who want to experiment with hair but don’t have the courage to take the plunge. Despite the divided opinion of fans, critics, newspapers and magazines worldwide – we have to admit that platinum blonde is surely going to be a hair trend for 2015. Her drastic make-over has already increased sales in blonde hair shampoos and treatments nationwide according to a report and dark haired clients increasingly asking for the ‘Kim K blonde’ at hair salons. Bowing down to the just released hair trend for 2015, here’s our advice if you’re thinking of taking the plunge from brunette to blonde hair.

One step at a time. Layering is key to avoid damage when working with dark hair in particular. Go lighter in a few months’ time not with one session. One sessions can achieve the brunette to blonde hair transition but it can take a good 5 hours, a lot of bleaching and colouring – which may not be suitable for certain scalp and hair types, in particular sensitive. Breakage is more likely as hair is stripped off under a certain time limit and that too extremely. It’s in fact easier to colour hair that’s already lighter. So opt for a light ash brown or a caramel brown to begin with and go lighter in 3 sessions to keep hair healthy.

Purple Shampoo & Conditioner. Dark hair tends to have a lot of red pigment in it hence when the brunette to blonde hair transition occurs, a lot of maintenance is needed. You want to avoid any brassy, orange or coppery tones from showing through that will give hair that dirty yellow effect instead of the sun kissed golden goddess look you’re going for. The quickest way to take care of this is using a Purple Shampoo once a week at least. Given many names including the ‘bleach blonde shampoo’ and the ‘silver brightening shampoo’, this is what will help keep the hair colour cool toned and prevent it from turning into a hot orange mess.

Opt for a haircut to suit the new colour change. All celebrities opt for this trick to exaggerate the effect of their hair colour and to make the brunette to blonde hair transition seem more noticeable. You don’t want to be diving into a new hair colour without upgrading your hair cut? Split ends and a worn off hair cut aren’t going to do your new hair colour any favours. Opt for a simple one-length, medium bob like Kimmy K. Layers can be difficult to maintain with blonde hair and if you want it to look classy and chic, one-length hair with thick textured ends and a short to medium length is a fool proof option.

Touch up with toner. A toner treatment at home at the salon will help add back those ashy tones in your hair and make it look closer to how it was when you initially got it coloured. This can be done one or two months after the brunette to blonde hair transition, depending on how dark your hair was and how light you’ve gone. Although there are tonnes of YouTube videos on how to tone your hair at home, if you’ve spent a lot of time and effort in perfecting your locks, it’s better to keep the toning sessions reserved for the salon.

Regular hair treatments. As mentioned above, going from brunette to blonde hair will obviously have put your locks under great pressure and potentially some damage. Worry not as this can be mended with regular hair treatments, possibly twice a week or before every hair wash. Dunk your hair in a generous coating of olive oil and leave on for a good 30 minutes before washing it out. Our Luxury Hair Treatment at the salon also acts like a spa for your tresses with a steam and mask to condition, nourish and hydrate hair.