TLC for your hands when winter strikes

November 28, 2012

While cold weather can conjure up images of winter wonderlands and festive scenes, let’s face it it’s not exactly good for your beauty regime. The cold weather can leave both your face and hair looking less than their best but it also plays havoc with your hands – so much so that sales of hand cream tend to go up at this time of the year.

Winter can tale it's toll on your hands. © Ichtor |

Winter can tale it's toll on your hands. © Ichtor |

Your poor hands go through a lot – not only are they constantly in and out of water, they are also exposed to the cold weather and the drying effect of central heating, no wonder they get a little chapped. But just because it is winter doesn’t mean that your hands have to look and feel dry and rough.


Don’t wash that moisture right out of your hands!

Washing your hands can zap the moisture from them. © Ichtor |

We wash our hands several times a day and it can zap moisture from them. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right product. Soaps with natural antibacterial properties like Pears can help get rid of germs, which in turn helps stop winter bugs and colds, but aren’t overly drying – or an opt for a moisturising handwash.
What ever products you choose make sure you follow it up with a hand cream in order to preserve precious moisture.

Pick the right hand cream

When buying hand cream make sure you look for a lotion, one that seeps into the skin rather than a greasy balm which just provides a barrier rather than feeding the skin from within. Also read the label and pick products which have lanolin in as it has great non-greasy hydrating properties. When applying don’t forget the backs of your hands and in between your fingers for all over protection -while if you want a real moisture boost invest in some silk gloves and apply a thick layer of hand cream at night. The gloves will help the moisturiser seep in as well as stopping it going all over the sheets.


Make sure your cuticles cut it

It is not just the skin on your hands that suffers in the cold weather the nails can also be affected. The cold can make them brittle and flaky but in order to protect your nails you need to start with the cuticles. This is because the cuticles provide a waterproof barrier for the nails and prevents them getting damaged. If your cuticles get dry they are going to become brittle and crack. Therefore, you should use a cuticle cream to keep them hydrated and in the best possible condition.

It may look great but nail polish can dry out your nails so give your nails a break from the lacquer once in a while to keep them looking good.

Prevention is better than cure

While treatments can help your hands once they have been dried out by the cold weather prevention is better than cure so make sure you protect your hands. This means wearing gloves when you are out in the cold to keep your hands nice and toasty and don’t forget the rubber gloves when you wash up as well – your hands will thank you.

Call in the professionals

Of course if you want a real boost and get expert treatment for your hands you could always invest in a manicure. That way your beautician can give your hands a much needed treat, advise you on how best to care for your hands and you can get your nails looking glam in time for Christmas. What’s not to love!