Top of the pixie crop with Shumaila’s

November 21, 2013

We love to bring you news of the latest beauty trends here at Shumaila’s and it seems that the latest trend is for pixie crops as so many celebs seem to be going for the chop. Now we know this isn’t a new thing as we have been mentioning the popularity of the pixie crop ever since Anne Hathaway chopped off her hair for Le Miserables. However, the cut is having another resurgence with Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson, Glee’s Kristin Chenoweth and Pamela Anderson recently cutting off their long locks in favour of a cute pixie crop. In fact according to stats from search engine Yahoo! the number of searches for the cut are 511 times higher than they were a year ago. So do you dare to go for the chop? Well as ever here at Shumaila’s we always try to help so here are a few points to bear in mind before going all gamine.

Photo: facebook/Jennifer Lawrence

Photo: facebook/Jennifer Lawrence

Think about face shape


There is something great about a fab pixie crop as despite being quite short it still looks ultra-feminine but is still oh so edgy. In fact a pixie crop can make any woman look fantastic as it can show of delicate bone structure to its fullest.


However, as with any haircut you do have to consider your face shape. So if you are one of the lucky women who have an oval face you can pull off any crop so go as bold as you want (think Michelle Williams). While if your face is round take inspiration from Once Upon a Time’s Ginnefer Goodwin as her style adds height to her crown which counteracts the roundness of her face. The same can be said for heart shaped faces, like the ever stylish Carey Mulligan, who has a lot of height at her crown – while her the chic short fringe draws attention to her stunning eyes and the fringe will make a wide forehead less noticeable. That said because it is such a versatile style you will really be able to find the perfect style to suit you.


It’s a fab way to rejuvenate hair

One of the most noticeable things about Pamela Anderson’s new hair was how healthy it looked. She’s been known for her long blonde locks but bleaching your hair can take its toll on your hair and let’s face it most of us put our hair through hell so if you feel that your hair is in need of a serious TLC a crop could be the perfect way to wipe the slate clean and rejuvenate your hair. What’s more because a crop is quite young looking it wiped years off Pamela so could do the same for you and who doesn’t want to look younger?


Have fun with styling

Don’t assume that just because it is a short style you don’t have styling options because it is such a versatile look you can play around with how it looks. So break out the wax and hairspray and enjoy your new crop and if you are short of inspiration just take inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence’s recent Hunger Games press tour where she showed how versatile her cut really is.