Top reasons to get Botox treatment

Top reasons to get Botox treatment

Regardless of what people think about Botox, there is just as much reason for men to invest in skincare treatments as it is for ladies!

You’re not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep1Uneven sleeping patterns due to a hectic work life or a chaotic family life can lead to unsightly bags under your eyes and dark circles. Even genetics can cause purple / dark eye shadows, but most of the time it is due to a lack of sleep.

When we age, dark circles and bags under your eyes become more prominent, those previously subtle crow’s feet and under eye wrinkles stand out, the only cure for some is to hide your eyes behind large designer sunglasses. Rejuvenate yourself with an affordable Botox treatment, this can act as a saviour for working ladies and busy mums. Botox treatment will lift the weight off your eyes, making your skin smooth and youthful.

You’re lacking in the confidence

Feeling under confident & self-conscious is a typical problem that most women deal with on a daily basis. Ageing however is the most depressing female experience, in most cases, this really dampens the spirit of women. Females who didn’t feel good about themselves tend to have relationship problems, feel under pressure by the competition at work and out of sync with modern society due to social pressures. This can build up and create a bubble that you can feel trapped in. Botox treatment is used to treat expression lines around the mouth, eyes and forehead. By attending to these areas can knock years off of your physical appearance, making you feel more confident and content with your personal image.

Your expressions giveaway what they shouldn’t

Botox to treat forehead wrinklesAnother aspect of the face is expressions. Some are more expressive than others and whilst this may be an integral part of their personality, constant use of certain facial muscles over decades can cause them to behave in the same manner afterwards, even if you don’t intend to use them as such in a particular situation.

Have you noticed people scowling or frowning when they are trying to concentrate or just being a good listener? It’s not that they are angry or stressed but the overuse of certain muscles has caused the muscles to automatically react over years of excessive use. Botox treatment is guaranteed to control those muscles, especially around the forehead area making you appear calmer, peaceful and a generally happier without directing un-pleasant facial expressions to anyone.

If you haven’t used enough SPF all your life

Being out in the sun is great but if you have been ditching those sunglasses and SPF, the likelihood is that you will witness wrinkles and fine lines as you age. If you don’t wear sunglasses whilst in the sun, you tend to scowl more in an attempt to protect your eyes from the sunlight. Consequently this embeds wrinkles as a permanent feature on your face. The only solution to overcome wrinkly skin is a Botox treatment. Botox is effective, convenient and quick. Botox is the only solution that is guaranteed to show results instantly.

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