Vaniqa for Hair Reduction

November 26, 2011

Vaniga is a hair reduction and removal cream that can be only bought on prescription. Eflornithine is its active ingredient which was developed as a medication for cancer. Although the doctors did not find any significant effect of the drug on cancer, they were surprised to find the drug had remarkable effect on African sleeping sickness treatment and of course, hair reduction. This is not at all a depilatory cream.

Vaniga is simply an enzyme which retards hair growth. Users of Vaniga can see significant reduction in the amount of facial hair within the first few weeks itself. It can be used with all hair colors and skin types unlike laser hair removal. Although Vaniga slows down the hair growth, you may want to use it in combination with your current hair removal method.

How to Use?

Vaniga must be used twice everyday- morning and night. Clean your face thoroughly before applying Vaniga. Apply a small amount of the cream on your face and spread it evenly to form a thin surface. Spread it till it gets absorbed on the skin. You can apply your moisturizer or make-up after applying the cream but not before it.

Wait for at least eight hours before application and continue using your current hair removal method- unwanted hair will not be removed by itself. Men, pregnant/ nursing women, girls under the age of twelve must not use this cream.

Who can use?

Vaniga has worked on nearly 60% women. However, the remaining 40% have not reported any reduction in unwanted hair. The reasons behind this failure are unknown. Once Vaniga treatment is stopped, hair would grow back to original in a period of few months.


There are no remarkable side-effects when Vaniga is used properly. There have been only very few cases of skin irritation and effects like acne, redness, burning etc. These effects are very temporary. However, being a prescription drug Vaniga must be treated like one. Do not use it in case of broken skin or acne. An overdose of Vaniga can result in facial swelling or bleeding. Apply it only over your chin or face while eyes, mouth, and nose must be avoided.

Vaniga and Laser Hair Removal

Laser technology, although effective, has its own limitations with respect to skin and hair types. As per clinical trials, combination of laser technology with Vaniga improves the results remarkably. It was observed that 96% patients achieved permanent hair removal after six months of combined treatment.