What the awards season has taught us about beauty

February 13, 2013

red carpet beauty

The awards season is now in full swing with the EE BAFTA awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globes all giving the stars the chance to dress to impress. But what beauty tips can you take from the red carpet and how can you adapt them for parties and big events?


red carpet

red carpet

Short hair can look just as sexy as long hair

Anne Hathaway can’t be accused of not giving her career her all as she proved when she

slimmed down to teeny proportions and chopped of her flowing brunette locks for her role of Fantine in Les Misérables. However, if there is one thing that she has taught us it’s that you don’t have to have long flowing locks to look glam on the red carpet. Her gamine, elfin crop suits her face shape perfectly and looks as sophisticated and stylish as any updo or long style.


So take a leaf out of Anne’s book and don’t be afraid to try a bold new cut and at the end of the day your hair will always grow back again but you might decide you like your short new do better.



You are never too old to experiment with a new hair colour

Let’s face it Helen Mirren rarely gets it wrong on the red carpet her effortless style proves that you can look good whatever your age but at the recent EE BAFTA awards all eyes were on her hair. The actress choose the awards to show off her new hair colour – bubblegum pink . Normally known for her blonde hair Mirren showed that age really doesn’t matter when it comes to pulling off a radical hair colour. She told reporters that she was inspired to try the look after seeing it on America’s Next Top Model and decided to copy it.


Helen Mirren proves that experimenting with hair colours can be a great way to revamp your look and look fab at the same time.


Bold lips always make you red carpet ready

If there is one thing that celebs like Marion Cotillard and Jessica Chastain know is that a classic bold lip (especially in red) will always give your look that Hollywood edge and make your makeup look classically glam. What’s more the moment you put on the red lipstick it feels like you are ready to party it’s an instant pick me up for your look.


So if you have to go from office to party one of the easiest ways of adapting your look is with a slick of red lippy.


Have fun with your nails

If you are heading to a big event it doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the classic French manicure or red nails (not there is anything wrong with these looks there is a reason they are a classic after all) but you can also experiment a bit. This red carpet season the award for best nail art has to go to star of New Girl, Zooey Deschanel, who had white nails painted with gold movie strips and black cameras at the recent Golden Globes. It added a quirky touch to her otherwise classic starlet look.


So if you are attending a big party why not try out some quirky nail art to add a new dimension to your look.


If you have a wardrobe malfunction keep smiling


Ok so it’s not a beauty rule but when Jennifer Lawerence suffered a wardrobe malfunction (she hitched up her skirt when she went to accept and award revealing a mesh panel in her that was part of the lining of her three tiered dress) at the Screen Actors Guild awards she proved that even if it all goes wrong keep smiling and take it in your stride and you’ll be ok.