Winter beauty SOS

November 18, 2013

So we can officially say that winter is upon us and as the night’s draw in and the days grow colder a lot of women find themselves with something of a beauty nightmare on their hand. According to a new survey by E45 found that a whopping 90 per cent of women admitted to having winter skin concerns.


In fact the study found that a number of women neglect their skin because it is covered up and as a result suffer from problems such as sensitive skin, dry snake skin like legs, rough, bumpy chicken skin arms and dry elbows and knees. The problem is that even though your skin is often hidden away in winter the season can be particularly damaging. This is because as the cold weather sets in the low humidity of the air really dries out your skin leaving it looking dry and flaky. So how can you keep your skin looking its best throughout winter?




Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise

OK that probably sounds a little extreme but moisturiser should be the key item in your winter beauty armoury. Every time you get out of the shower and before you go to bed make sure your skin looks its best. When it comes to after your shower it is best to moisturise before you dry yourself as that way it will help lock moisture into your skin.


While a relaxing body wrap could help lock in moisture and make your skin feel gorgeously smooth – the perfect antidote to winter.


Handle your hands with care

Your hands really take a knocking at this time of year. Add to the problems caused by the cold weather the fact that you have to keep having to put your hands into water and it’s a recipe for flaky, horrible skin. So make a habit of always carrying hand cream with you and applying it every time you wash your hands as this will help keep them looking good. Also booking in for regular manicures will mean that your nails get the treatment they deserve as well and will add a moisture boost back to your nails.

Don’t neglect your face

It’s not just your body that feels the effects of harsh winter weather your face can also be badly affected. So in winter you may want to step your beauty regime up a gear because while a light moisturiser may be perfect in summer in winter you are going to want something that can better handle nourish your dry skin so make sure you switch up your beauty regime.


It’s a great idea to get into a habit of exfoliation now and make sure that before you go to bed you apply a rich moisturiser so that you are replenishing your skin. While a moisturising facial could give your skin the boost it needs.