Your countdown to the party season

November 14, 2012

With the party season fast approaching now is the time to start getting your skin in tip top condition so you make sure your look your best whatever event you get invited to.
So before you get swept away preparing for all the parties take time for yourself so that you know you will look fab.
One month to go -Sort your diet

Healthy eating for skincare

Eating healthy food can help make you party ready. © Phil Date |

OK you may not have time to drop several dress sizes but by sorting out your diet now you will improve how you look. Trying to drink plenty of water and eating loads of fresh fruit and veg will not only do wonders for your body but will also help your skin look its best.
The sooner you start with a healthy eating regime the sooner you will see results and the better they will be but it is not too late to make a change and improve your skin and body with a balanced diet.
Three weeks to go – Get down the salon
Now is the time to get down the salon and start your beauty regime. With your big event mere weeks away getting regular treatments will help you look your best.
Having a facial before the party season will help your skin cope with the rigours of winter.
It will also mean that any dull skin can be sloughed away helping you younger and more radiant. What’s more late nights and partying tends to take its toll on your skin so by getting a facial will not only keep your skin looking good you will help it cope with the strains of the coming months. If you have the time and money have a facial a week before the big event as well so you can keep up the good work of your previous treatment.
It is also a good idea to think about your body so treatments like body wraps and massages will be a great way to ensure that you are looking your best head to toe and of course give you a break from the stresses and strains of daily life.
Two weeks to go – Sort your hair
The last thing you want to do is get your hair cut or coloured on the day you need to look your best as you will want to time to get used to it, this is especially true of a new hair colour as it will take time for the colour to settle down. So get your hair done two weeks before party day and you will then be able to experiment with how to style it so you won’t be panicking when you have to be ready for a party or family event.
One week to go – the final touches
Now you need to get booked in for any waxing or threading that you may need, but make sure you don’t do in on the day of the party as red lumps post wax or thread aren’t the look you are going for.
Also get a final facial or massage in – not only to help you look good but also to aid relaxation as by now the stress may be starting to hit.
It’s also time to think about what makeup look you want to wear so browse those fashion mags for inspiration!
On the day – time to sparkle


© Max Blain |

This is the time to sort your mani and pedi, if you can get down the salon this will be a great way to de-stress before your party.
If you can afford it and want to truly take the fuss out of a party or event why not book in for a makeup session and blow dry so all you need to do is put on your great outfit and you are ready to party