Your summer beauty dilemmas solved

June 11, 2013

Summer beauty, so the sun is shining and you should be looking at your best, ready to take on the vast array of summer parties and events – right? Well wrong actually, while most of us love the summer that doesn’t mean that the season is without its own set of beauty dilemmas and dramas. From dry frizzy hair, to summer breakouts and dry and cracked feet sometimes summer can play havoc with our looks – just at the point when you want to look your best. However, all is not lost as there are ways to ensure that you stay looking your very best this summer.


photo: Nualpradid

photo: Nualpradid

Dry and frizzy hair

Spending time in the sun can dry out your hair and make it look frizzy and lack lustre and frankly a bit straw-like. As with most beauty dilemmas prevention is better than cure so book in for a trim to get any split ends chopped and to keep your hair in the best possible condition. After this use a moisturising conditioner every time you wash your hair. It is also a good idea to use a deep conditioning mask about once a week to keep your hair in tip-top condition. Something as simple as wearing a hat when you are out and about in the sun is going to give it protection from damaging rays.


However, if the damage is already done it doesn’t mean you have to give up any hope of having great looking hair until winter. Instead, book in for a hair appointment so your stylist can assess the damage and trim off the worst bits and while at the salon try and book in for a conditioning treatment to bring some life back to your hair and after that give it some TLC and you should start to see some improvements in your hair’s condition.


Summer breakouts

If you have oily or combination skin you might find that the grease of wearing sun cream and moisturiser on spot prone skin can cause breakouts. Add to this the fact that you are going to be sweating more in summer it is a bit of a recipe for acne. You should be exfoliating already but in summer it is even more important as you will need to clear out the blocked pores so start exfoliating daily to clear your skin. A facial treatment designed for spot prone skin might help soothe and clear your skin up, so speak to your beauty therapist about the best options. Also ditch the alcohol based toners and instead go for something gentler, as if you strip all the oil from your skin it’s just going to produce more in the long run.


However, don’t ditch the sunscreen all together. Instead, opt for a moisturiser which has added sunscreen as that won’t be as heavy on your skin.


Treat your feet

It’s the time of year when you want to get your feet out but the irony is that wearing sandals and summer in general can leave your feet looking dry and scaly – not the look you want. This means you will need to give your feet some real TLC to keep them looking their best. So smooth on a foot lotion everyday (a good tip is to put it on before going to bed and then wear an old pair of cotton socks as this way your cream will have more chance to soak in overnight). Meanwhile, regular pedicures will not only polish your toe nails but will also help to keep your nails trimmed as well as sloughing away dead skin cells leaving them looking much nicer.


With a little bit of TLC and some help from Shumaila’s there is no reason you can’t look your best this summer.