5 Skincare Myths Busted

September 20, 2013

With so many misconceptions surrounding skincare, how can you possibly tell what’s best for your complexion, particularly if you suffer with blemish-prone skin? Unfortunately, following all of the supposedly sound advice out there may do more harm to your skin than good. With our skincare tips & tricks, wise up on the seven easy-to-fall-for skin myths and get closer to the healthy-looking, blemish-free complexion you’ve always wanted.

Skin Care Myth 1: Wearing sunscreen daily is too heavy for my oily complexion: To prevent skin damage or to help avoid a blemish outbreak, protecting your skin with a sunscreen should be part of your daily skincare routine. If you suffer with oily skin; try a lightweight formula underneath your makeup, or find a foundation or tinted moisturiser with an SPF built in.

Skin Care Myth 2: To prevent blemishes you should completely strip away the oil from the skin. While there is no doubt that oily skin should be controlled to keep the complexion clear and shine free, completely stripping the skin of all its natural oils can play even more havoc with blemishes and spots. Oily skin should be treated with just as much care as sensitive skin by balancing its own natural oil levels while leaving skin smooth, even-toned and shine-free.

skincare myths busted

Skin Care Myth 3: I should exfoliate regularly to ensure my skin stays clear. Exfoliating excessively can strip the skin of essential oils and spread bacteria. Instead of a daily scrub, opt for a much gentler exfoliant to keep your skin in tip top condition. You should also make sure you’re using the right product when you do exfoliate. The sharp edges of the particles in some scrubs can injure the skin, leaving it raw and inflamed. Instead, switch to mild cleansers containing salicylic or glycolic acid which will leave your skin with a refreshing tingle, not red or irritated.

Skin Care Myth 4: You shouldn’t use moisturiser on oily skin. Blemish-prone skin needs hydration too! In fact, drying out oily skin sends a signal to your body to produce even more oil; a nightmare for those who already suffer with problem skin. Pick a soothing moisturiser designed to help keep skin hydrated without clogging pores.

Skin Care Myth 5: The only thing that will cure my eyes bags and dark circles is more sleep. Allergies, swollen veins beneath the skin’s surface or a diet high in salt may also be the cause of the bags under your eyes. The mixture of Hyaluronic Acid and Co-Q10 in skincare products helps to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and the skin around the eyes will be left revitalised and refreshed.