Be Oscar ready with Shumaila

February 20, 2013

Be Oscar ready with Shumaila

Oscar ready! It’s the biggest event in the film calendar and with just a few days to go until the Oscars the celebs will be making sure they look perfect on the red carpet.

Oscar ready

Oscar ready


It has to be said that some of Hollywood’s finest will stop at nothing to look their best and slow the aging process. From leeches to cupping and even using human placenta or injecting cortisone into their zits they will do anything to make sure they look their best on the red carpet and their Oscar beauty prep will have started in earnest. While some of their prep can be considered a little extreme there are ways of making sure that if you have a big event you are red carpet ready.


Anti-aging doesn’t have to be painful


There are a number treatments you can have that can help stop the aging process. At Shumaila’s you can have the very best in anti-aging treatments all without going under the knife.


Whether it is botox, dermal fillers, a derma roller treatment or a CACI non-surgical facelift there will be a beauty treatment to suit you and make you look younger – all without using human placenta! What’s more they are all non-invasive so you don’t have to worry about going under the knife at all which means you will recover quicker and be looking radiant and younger far sooner than you would with a surgical option.


It may have been back in 1999 but everybody still remembers the day Julia Roberts turned up to the premiere of Notting Hill with hairy armpits on display. At the time Robert’s claimed that her then boyfriend found it a turn on but loads of people found it a turn off! Therefore, make sure you are on top of your grooming routine by getting a wax just before the big event that way you can be sure that you won’t be caught out in any photos with unwanted fuzz.

Don’t forget the little details

Let’s face it the celebs have been planning their Oscar beauty prep for many months now and with a team of stylists, hair dressers and makeup artists on hand they have no excuse not to look good. But for us mere mortals who don’t have a small army helping us look good it can be hard to look red carpet ready – but you can be guided by Hollywood and make sure that you think about all the little details of your look. Whether it’s a stylish manicure to match your dress (and if you are wearing strappy shoes don’t forget the pedicure), a new hairdo or makeup look its worth thinking about how your whole look will come together. If you want to look perfect from head-to-toe it really pays to spend time thinking about the little details and not just your dress – that way you will have the same polished, effortlessly chic look that celebs such as Anne Hathaway, Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence will no doubt achieve come Oscar night.

So with a few simple tweeks you too can look red carpet ready without the army of stylists and not to mention the leeches and human placenta facial!