Beauty tips for when the weather is snowy

January 20, 2013

Beauty tips

Beauty tips: While the recent bout of cold wintery weather and snow may look pretty it can play havoc with your looks. The cold weather can really dehydrate not only your skin but also your hair. It looks like winter is going nowhere fast but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a bag on your head until the first glimpses of spring start to show. Instead, with a few simple tips you can still look great whatever the weather.

Beauty tips

Beauty tips


Harsh winter weather can damage your skin because the wind, snow and cold can really dry it out leaving it red and flaky. Therefore, it is really important to keep the skin hydrated. Look for moisturisers which have ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, honey, and royal jelly. These not only hydrate but also attract moisture from the air, so form a barrier on the skin. A hydrating facial can help remove the dead skin cells which can otherwise leave your skin looking dull, as well as helping to lock in moisture.


It’s not only your face that can feel dry and flaky in the winter, hands can too. Constantly going between hot and cold atmospheres leaves them unprotected and dry. Therefore, it is really important to get a good hand cream and really make sure that you pay particular attention to the cuticles as they can get quite dried out in cold weather. Using your body scrub on your hands can also make a difference by removing dead skin, but make sure you moisturise afterwards. When washing your hands it’s also important to choose the right soap as sulphates can be drying, so look for an oil based or cream handwash that is sulphate free.

Meanwhile, a manicure can help brighten up even the dullest days!


Like with your hands and face your body also needs extra attention, so when choosing a body cream look for ones that contain plant based oils, such as avocado oil, primrose oil, sesame oil, borage oil, or almond oils. These are better absorbed by your skin so instead of moisturising the outer layer of your skin it will really sink in and be more effective. For an extra boost a slimming body wrap can help restore your skin’s vitality and tone.


Unfortunately your hair is going to suffer in this weather too so make sure you protect it. It’s really important to wear a hat when you go outside as if your hair freezes it could become brittle and snap. A conditioning hair mask or oil treatment can also protect your hair from within keeping it in tip-top condition and adding back any precious moisture you may have lost from being in the cold for too long. It’s also really important to trim any split ends as this will stop your hair becoming too weak, so get down to the hairdresser for a trim. In the winter months you may want to consider a warmer hair colour to better suit your paler skin tones so don’t just have the same hair colour you would when you have a tan in summer.