Microblading Eyebrows

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Laser Hair Removal – 4th Most Popular Cosmetic Procedure!

The season is well and truly upon us where skin that has been hidden away for months now has to be displayed for all and sundry. Whatever your own personal…
June 28, 2014

Hair Removal Cost Comparisons

To give a fair breakdown of the cost of laser hair removal, we’ve compiled a handy dandy price comparison chart (above), which displays the annual cost and number of visits…
November 26, 2011

Threading and Laser Hair Removal

Threading is one of the newest western trends in professional hair removal, but it’s been a common practice in Middle Eastern cultures for dozens of years. Threading safely removes unwanted…

Hair Removal Products

There are different hair removal products available in the market that can be used for hair removing at homes. All these products are very efficient and are popular among consumers.…

Hair Removal Options

Hair removing is a cumbersome and painful process. However, there are many options in hair removal. For example, if you want painless hair removal then simply use one of the…