Deep Tissue Back Massage at Shumaila’s

October 7, 2015

We offer Deep Tissue Back Massage to realign the deeper layers of your muscles and connective tissues. You may think what’s the benefit of this massage, well you will be amazed to know that it is really helpful for chronic backaches and contracted areas. If you’re experiencing any sort of pain in the upper or lower back, stiff neck or sore shoulder, then, book your appointment right away to benefit from our massage specialists.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Our deep tissue back massage usually focuses on peculiar body problems like muscle pain, stiff neck, and injury rehabilitation. So, there is an array of benefits which we can provide you without deep tissue deep massage, let’s take a look.

Stress Buster:

Our deep tissue back massage is an immediate stress buster to help you refill the tank of energy. Our massage experts will help you release all the stress and tension of your body with their magical massage. Our massagers use special massage oil to relax your muscles to relieve your stress. So book your appointment today to shake off your nerves.

Revives and Rejuvenates

Indulge yourself in a relaxing full back massage experience to revive and rejuvenate yourself with our 30 mins deep tissue back massage. Our massage experts use therapeutic and remedial techniques to customize their massage according to your will. All you need is to discuss your needs with our therapists and we will be at your service to tailor a massage solution for you.

Promotes over-all wellbeing

Our deep tissue back massage will not only help you improve your physical state, it will also improve your mental wellbeing. Our massage therapists are properly trained due to which they employ different techniques to improve your muscle tightness and help your body to circulate blood and you feel rejuvenated and both mentally and physically awesome.

Helps dissolve knits and Knots

You probably hear people saying that “I have a knit in my back” or “I have a knot in my back”, and must think what that is? Can your muscle really knit or tie a knot. Well, this may seem implausible to you, but your muscles can really be knotted up. Muscle knots are very common in people, and they can be harmful because they can tear your muscle tissues. Our massage experts can help you keep your muscles healthy, oxygenated and pliable so you may never be prone to muscle knot. We use different techniques to break the adhesions and relieve your muscle pain due to which you feel pain-free and are prone less to future problems.

Special Discount Offer

At Shumaila’s we offer special discount offer for deep tissue back massage. You can avail our holistic massage treat of 30 mins in just £20. This service is available in London, Ilford branches of our saloon.