First date beauty tips

February 10, 2013

First date beauty tips

If Valentine’s Day rapid approach has inspired you to get out on the dating scene then you might be wondering how you should look for that all important first date. There is probably nothing more exciting and nerve wracking than a first date – you get those all important butterflies combined with the fear that they won’t like you, so why add to the nerves by worrying about your beauty regime before the big night. Instead, here are few hints and tips to make sure you look fab for that big date (mind you if it leads to a wedding we expect an invite!)

First date beauty tips

First date beauty tips

Work with what you’ve got

The most important thing to bear in mind is that your date wants to get to know you and not some made up version of you – so make sure you are comfortable with your hair and makeup and you feel like you. So avoid wearing makeup that you wouldn’t normally wear as you may not realise if you have overdone the bronzer if your look is normally a pale English Rose style, for example, or if you don’t normally go in for eyeliner it may not look right if you overdo it.


Also work with your natural beauty as a whole rather than drawing too much attention to one area as you don’t want your date focused on what appears to them to be overly thick mascara or over the top lips when instead they should be focused on how stunning you are.


When it comes to choosing makeup colours work with your natural skin tones and choose shades to complement it (if in doubt you could always book in for a makeup session at Shumailas) but as a rule there are two basic skin tones – warm and cool. Cool tones work best with purples, blues, reds, and lighter greens while warm skin tones are best in brownish reds, brown, gold, and darker greens.

Keep it natural

When it comes to makeup natural and subtle are your best bets. You don’t want your date to be distracted by your bright neon lipstick (unless you wear it all the time of course) but instead you want them to focus on you so keep your makeup subtle but classy.

Don’t forget the hair

The most important thing about date hair is that it looks clean and fresh – you want your hair to look healthy, soft and of course touchable. You also need to feel comfortable so now is not the time to try out a new style that needs gallons of hairspray and pins to hold in place so that you will be worrying about it all night. Instead, go for a tried and tested look that you know always makes you feel glam.

And relax

If you are really nervous about your date you could always book in for a pampering beauty treatment like a mani or pedi, facial (although best to do this a couple of days before your date in case your skin reacts in any way) or massage – that way you should have a subtle confidence boost and feel your best before the big day.