Hair Removal Products

November 26, 2011

There are different hair removal products available in the market that can be used for hair removing at homes. All these products are very efficient and are popular among consumers. Read on to know more about these products.

Depilatories- What are they?

These products offer hair-free, smooth skin that lasts up to 5 days. These products have chemical ingredients like titanium dioxide, calcium thioglycolate and sodium-calcium complex which melt the hair.


It is very easy to use them- simply apply them on your skin and spread them evenly on the skin surface in the form of a thick film. Leave them on for ten to fifteen minutes and then use a warm wet cloth to wipe off. To get best results, you must wipe your skin with a warm cloth before application of the product. This will open up the pores and more number of hairs will be melted. Rub your skin firmly with the cloth so as to get rid of as much hair as possible.

A Little about these Products

Sally Hansen, Veet, Nair are some of the popular brands among depilatory products. Sally Hansen offers hair removal products in different forms like gel, wax, creams etc. They come in the form of spray-on or no-drip system. According to the manufacturers, this product has been dermatological tested and approved. Veet is a new product that hit the markets in 2003 and they are available in gel, mousse or cream form. They grant longer lasting results than other products. The results last for as long as two weeks. They have introduced wax form which claims to give smooth, hair-free skin for as long as four weeks. However, their most popular product is the 3-minutes hair removal gel that has a bladeless razor for application. Reviews suggest that they are effective on the legs and bikini lines. Another product similar to Veet is Nair which promises hair-free skin for a period twice longer than shaving.


It is the smell that hits you starkly when you use these depilatory lotions. It is in fact, the stink. The harsh chemicals show their presence in the form of the unbearable stink. However, manufacturers of Veet and Nair have taken pains to minimize the smell or at least replace it with a pleasant odour. They hence have various versions like lanolin, Aloe, Cucumber, Baby Oil, and Cocoa Butter.


Most people have had no side effects with these products. However, there are many who have reported skin irritation, burning and the like. This is obvious. Depilatories are made of harsh chemicals that are supposed to have pronounced effects. If you are a purist or want a more pleasant experience with these products then switch to the ‘sensitive formula’. This is meant for delicate areas like underarms and bikini.


Test Patch

Always conduct a test patch before using depilatory products. This is especially because these products can sensitize your skin and you may develop allergies. Therefore, conduct a test patch and if your skin shows irritation, swelling or similar results then discontinue the product.