How to choose a perfect new hair colour

September 29, 2013

There’s something about the changing seasons which makes you want to reinvent yourself and revamp your look and one great way is with a fab new hair colour. But what should you consider before going for a dramatic hair colour revamp?

A new hair colour can really make you feel better and give your whole look a real boost but you do need to consider which colour will work best for you and highlight your best features.

Think about your skin tone


Whatever, you do you can’t change your skin tone so if you are thinking of changing your hair colour make sure you think about how it will look with your skin. Because your skin tone will determine more than what colour makeup you should wear it also determines what hair colour you can carry off.


The best hair colours will really highlight the subtleties in your skin tone and quite simply make you look better. As a good rule of thumb if you have a cool skin tone (one good way of testing this is whether the visible veins in your wrist have a blue tinge to them – if they do then you have cool skin) then you will want a cooler that is also cool toned and if you have warm skin (the veins in your wrist will look greener) then you want a warmer hair colour.


It really is vital to match your new colour to your skin tone this is because if you get it wrong it could leaving your looking washed out and even like death warmed up but get it right and you will look like a million dollars.

Talk to your hairdresser


If you are looking at going for a drastic makeover it’s important to seek professional advice as your hairdresser will be able to advise you which hair colour will suit you best and decide what shade to opt for. This is particularly important if you are going for a dramatic change as you won’t be able to do that yourself. For example, if you decide to go from blonde to brunette you will probably need to dye your hair red first and put the brunette dye over the top – something that your hairdresser will know so to avoid costly mistakes it’s a good idea to consult them.

Pick two or three complementary shades

Natural hair colour is never just one shade instead it has lots of tones, highlights and lowlights so a good hair dye will look natural so will have lots of different colours in it – so try more than one colour for your hair.


Don’t forget your makeup

If you change your hair colour you will also need to pay attention to how your makeup looks. What suited you when you were one hair colour may not look so good if you go for another look. So be prepared to rethink how you do your makeup to make sure your new hair colour looks its best. So why not book in for a makeup appointment so you can walk out of the salon really looking and feeling your best.