Make your Facial last longer

January 4, 2013

Ditch your workout

At home facial treatment recipes for dry and oily skin Avoid any strenuous activities or those that will cause you to sweat a lot such as a sauna or gymming for at least 3 days after an intensive facial as it will sweat out all the powerful oils and serums put into your skin by the therapist, defying the purpose of the facial in the first place.

Let them work into your skin overnight so you can wake up with that post-holiday glow in the morning!

Avoid Exfoliating

Especially if you had the dermabrasion session incorporated in your facial or even if the therapist has exfoliated for you during your facial. Therapists at Beauty Salons use professional ingredients and their skills and hand movements ensure the results last longer on your face.

Hence don’t disrupt your skin’s condition for a week by avoiding any abrasive or grainy face washes and scrubs. A little known fact is that the more you exfoliate, the more it dries out your skin, causing it to produce more oil and leading to a breakout.

Target your skintype

Based on how your skin is at that time of the year, opt for an over intensive hydrating mask for extremely dry skin or a face oil to keep the moisture locked in at night, a clay mask to treat oily-combination skin and a tea tree and rosemary concoction to soothe and calm skin.

This will ensure the effects of a facial are continued by using the correct skincare and nutrients for your skin type.

Be gentle to your skin

However tempting it may seem, do not pick or squeeze any pimples or blemishes if you seem to be breaking out due to a facial and in fact let them heal at their own pace. The more you squeeze, the deeper you are pushing the bacteria into the skin and scarring the upper layer of your skin, delaying it’s recovery. Just make sure to apply a clay mask as a spot treatment on your breakout so it dries them out and soothes any inflammation.