Why you Should Have Manicure and Pedicure?

July 10, 2015

Woman’s world is well educated with the cosmetic treatments to beautify feet and toenails, yes ‘pedicure and manicure’. Both these cosmetic procedures have therapeutic purposes, and above all they are popular to give beautiful, clean feet and hands. Every lady well recognizes the purpose of these two treatments, which are cleaned, filing, shaping nails, massaging hands and feet, but there is a whole world of medicinal and health benefits, which these two treatments provide.


Pedicure treats the feet and toenails, in this treatment the dead skin cells are rubbed off, feet are massaged. Manicure also includes the similar method, but for hands only, it also includes painting nails and decorating them. Along with these, there are a number of health benefits which these two treatments provide,


Skin care: hands and feet stay uncovered during the regular course of our lives. We work and walk, expose them to harsh environment, the skin hardens and call us starts accumulating on hands and feet. Thus, manicure and pedicure provide a bliss, in short time period, hands and feet are made smoother, lighter and beautiful. Skin of hands and feet can get softer and exfoliated by paying regular visits for manicure and pedicure. Soothing massage and rejuvenating lotions remove all dead skin and leaves them attractive. Manicure and pedicure are the best suited treatments for caring the hands and feet.


Fungal infections or other sorts of skin problems can be known and cured by pedicure. Professional manicurist and pedicurist are able to skin problems and infections, by these treatments, one can keep a check on the health of our feet and hands.


Physical and mental tranquility: massaging in manicure and pedicure treatments relieves the body’s stress and give healthier nails. These treatments bestow mental health benefits as one feel soothed and stress free. Particularly working women, they can get an incredible amount of rest and pleasing sensation by once a month pedicure and manicure. Massage makes the blood circulation in hands and feet even better. Techniques such as acupressure improve the health of skin of hands and feet and aromatic lotions increase the flexibility of skin. Manicure and pedicure provide replenished and supple skin.


Along with all these, a manicure and pedicure doesn’t just nourish the skin of hands and feet, but they also nourish, relax and soothe the other body parts. Certain areas of toes and hands correspond and connect with other body parts, due to which, massaging them nourishes those connected body parts also. Pedicurists trained with reflexology may also give these massages. Massaging feet and hands stimulates the blood. Whole body feels relaxed and improved by manicure and pedicure.

Regular manicure and pedicure identify the diseases and reduce the feet odor as well. Pedicures have various scents with a range of benefits stretching to mental and physical. Many oil and scents are notorious for triggering focus and changing mood. Scents in manicure and pedicure invigorate the mind.

Manicure and pedicure save hands and feet from nail diseases and heal the damaged nails. Manicure and pedicure provide innumerable benefits to our bodies and beautify us. Assured by these benefits, there still are many wonders of manicure and pedicure, which are yet to be scientifically known.