Shellac Pedicure at Shumaila’s

June 7, 2015

A pedicure is a treatment for your feet and nails. It helps to keep them healthy and provide them with an attractive appearance. Shellac is a very effective pedicure treatment and is loved by women all over the world. Basically, shellac is the name of a brand of nail products that are created by Creative Nail Design. It is applied like a regular nail polish, but it is originally a gel. When shellac product is applied it appears very thin, but later it gives your nails a strong and durable effect. These shellac polishes are cured in UV lights to ensure their durability and flexibility, and also to make them last longer and shine brighter.

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Suitability for Shellac Pedicure

Shellac pedicure is most suitable for the people who want to maintain their natural nails and protect them. It can last up to 20 days on your nails, but it causes no damage to your nail beds as there is no filing or drilling of the nails involved. Shellac pedicure is not suitable for people who desire nail extension or thick look of acrylic nails as Shellac can only be applied on the natural nails without any extension.

Difference of Shellac from other products

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The nail polish which is commonly used, takes about 30-40 minutes to fully dry whereas after the shellac pedicure your nails dry instantly. After you have had the shellac pedicure you will not have to worry about your nails for at least 20 days. The normal nail polish does not protect your natural nails and gives them a yellowish look when took off. In shellac pedicure your natural nails are protected and your nail bed will never turn yellow even after your 12th treatment.

After Care Advice for Shellac Pedicure

Shellac can only be healthy for the nails if the procedure involved is done by professionals and there is no direct filing of nail beds and there is no use of acrylic drilling machine. The shellac removal process should also be done with the help of professionals as they will remove it carefully using foil wrap, acetone and cotton.

We at Shumaila’s guarantee you that our approach from application to removal is entirely professional and it consists of very healthy steps. We are a certified Shellac service provider. Here are some advices that for long lasting effect of shellac treatment

  • Never pick or peel Shellac off as this can cause serious damage to your natural nails.
  • Wear rubber gloves when you do any wash up or cleaning jobs because Shellac can absorb bleaches and detergents, causing the gel to lift, so wearing gloves will keep them looking freshly pedicured for longer.
  • Use cuticle oil at least twice a day to keep your cuticle moisturized and healthy (especially at night before going to bed)
  • Chlorine may lift Shellac Gel in several cases. Wait 24 hours after application before swimming
  • Always rinse your hands thoroughly after swimming to remove chlorine
  • Sun Tan Cream might also lift Shellac Gels – wash hands thoroughly after applying or avoid sun tan cream to touch directly on your nail bed.
  • Insect repellent can also lift Shellac Gel after prolonged use, try to avoid having it touched on your Shellac nails.