Shumaila’s Wedding beauty guide

March 6, 2013

OK I know it’s only the beginning of March but wedding season is fast approaching and if you are due to get married this spring/summer you may well be panicking about looking your best on the big day but with a little bit of preparation you will look fab when the wedding arrives. So here is Shumaila’s wedding beauty guide to ensure you look perfect when you walk down the aisle.


Six months to go
With six months to go till the big day you may be bogged down in all the details of your wedding – but it’s important to take a break from the flowers and bridesmaid’s dresses and take time for you. So make sure you are embarking on a healthy regime by eating right and drinking lots of water so your skin is in the best possible condition.
It’s also really important to start the right skincare regime now, so that you have time for it to work, so you can start tackling any problems you may have and find the right products. If you are unsure of what to use why not book in for a facial so that your beautician can advise you of the best products for your skin. It is also important to look after your body now and start ensuring that your body looks its best, if you are opting for IPL hair removal you will need to start sessions as well so you feel the full effect by the wedding.
Also make sure you start looking for a hair dresser and makeup artist (if you are using one) as you need to make sure that you are comfortable with them so take time to find the right person.
Three months to go
There is nothing wrong with booking your beauty treatments in advance as you don’t want to miss out on a manicure just because the salon is booked up so plan what treatments you need and get them booked in. If you regularly get facials then book up a course of them leading to your wedding so your skin looks its best.
Two months to go
Here you need to worry about the little things like testing out your fake tan and also work out what perfume you are going to wear on your big day.
One month to go
With one month to go you are going to need to perfect your makeup look (either on your own or with a makeup artist) . You will also need to visit your hairdresser to do a test of your hair style so that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day and if you need your hair coloured make sure that you do this in advance. If you are getting a wax get this done a couple of days before the wedding as you don’t want to have a reaction when you are walking down the aisle.
Also before the day get your manicure done so you look fab and don’t neglect your feet (especially if you are wearing sandals) so that there is no rough or hard skin or them. If you follow these simple steps it means that when it comes to the big day you will be ready to go without all the stress.