Soak Off at Shumaila’s

July 3, 2015

We all have battled with our nails somehow in our lives, in painting them with sorts of embellishments or then later on, restoring their nature. Our nails are made up of microscopic keratinocytes, it is a protein which keeps our nails healthy, without grooves, spots or any discoloration until we object them to harmful treatments. Nail biting, chipping the paint from our nails, peeling nails, do they ring any bell? Yes, especially since the trend has set on of gel nail polishes.

Gel polishes

A growing trend of soak-off nail polishes are more popular than the conventional nail paints. Here in Shumaila’s, soak off gel nail polishes are now available. It is easy in application, curved through UV light. Natural looking soak off nail polishes are available in a wide a range of pleasing colors. Soak off nail polish lasts for 2-3 weeks, elegant in look, they don’t chip like regular nail paints. Soak off nail polish dries in a few minutes unlike the conventional nail paints, free of any dents and smudging. Shumaila’s nail technicians treat nails as gently as possible, keeping the damage of soak off gels at bay.

Soak off nail polish remover:

Many salons use inappropriate methods to soak off the gel from nails. Ladies often tend to chip the gel by themselves to avoid salon’s harsh methods, these methods and self- cure results in discolored and damaged nails. Harsh chemicals are objected to bare skin, like acetone to soak off the nail polish. These are the downsides of beautiful, charming soak off nail polishes because of the poor realization of trendy gel, for which, estheticians at Shumaila’s use professional soak off removers. Soak off gel nail polish remover is now available at Shumaila’s, where the staff courteously soaks the nails, wrapped up in aluminum foil. Say no to electric filing and self-chipping techniques, as they may give irrecoverable damage to your nails and visit Shumaila’s today to save your nails. This is more favorable for people who want to enhance their nails for an upcoming occasion. Soak off gel‘s flexibility is ensured and the remover as well is simple and fast.

This damage of filing and peeling, sudden change of color and white spots appearing, all these are signs of damaged nails, so don’t fear any more chipping, your nails are worthy of gentle removers with moisturizers, which soak off nail polish remover renders, at Shumaila’s.

These gels are meant to enhance the durability of nail paint on nails, these strong and glossy gels attach themselves to the very external layer of nails. Users of gel polishes suffer through scrapes and chipped off nails, brittle, for which soak off nail polish remover provides a way free of overzealous chipping of nails. Soak off remover is patiently let processed at Shumaila’s which saves the nails from any damage. Estheticians work patiently to rewrap and soak the nails for a longer period without scraping and flaking off. The natural nail bed is protected, our nail technicians take great care of nails of our clients and also educate the clients to protect their nails, by no picking up.

Tips: At Shumaila’s, clients are realizing about proper caring of their nails as well, such as staying away from chemicals which may strip off the gel, restrain from picking and pulling up as it may damage the keratin layer.