Sparkle and shine this New Year

December 23, 2012

Sparkle and shine this New Year

It’s now just a few days until New Year and it’s time to think about your party makeup. If there is one look that screams festive fun, it’s glitter and metallic shimmer. However, it is a look that if you get it wrong could border on the drag queen. So here is Shumaila’s guide to getting your New Year sparkle right.


Don’t overdo it

The key to glittery makeup is to use it on one part of your face only. If you put it on your eyes and lips and cheeks then you will look more like a Christmas bauble than a glamour puss. Stick to one area of your face and one area only. The idea is to have an emphasis on one part of your look – it’s like your mum always used to say eyes or lips only!

Nail it

this new year

Photo: FreeDigita

One of the easiest ways of adding glitter or metallic sheen to your look is with nail polish. There are some great glitter polishes available in a range of festive colours, or why not go for metallic foils and polishes? What’s more, a new manicure is a great way of getting some relaxation in before New Year.


The eyes have it

If you don’t fancy going for glittery nails then why not try going for glitter or metallic eyeshadow? You could sweep over some glittery shadows but try to make sure it is just in one or maybe two colours, as otherwise it will look a bit too over the top. Or why not try lining your lids with a glittery eyeliner which will add a subtle shimmer to your lids?


If you are going for a metallic or shimmery eye look, then it is a good idea to define your eyes with black eyeliner but avoid the glittery mascara as that could look a bit odd and too Barbie-like.


Experiment with colour


Just because you are going for festive sparkle doesn’t mean that you have to stick with gold or silver. Instead you can experiment with a range of festive colours, just stick to one at a time. A good tip is to go for jewel tones, so sapphires, plums and emeralds are all good looks and can look perfect for New Year’s Eve.

Try metallics


Metallic tones can be incredibly complementary on most skin tones. By choosing cream based eyeshadows in silvers, soft greys, golds or bronzes you can have a subtle flash of shimmer without going too overboard.


Try a new lip look

If you want to truly experiment then why not go for bling lips? You could choose a glittery lipstick, or why not try out a lip tattoo? They come in a variety of styles, can add a funky edge to any look and are reasonably easy to pull off.


Whatever look you choose a glittery, shimmery style could be the perfect New Year’s Eve style. Just keep it subtle as no-one wants to look like a pantomime dame.