Stretch Marks Removal London – Safe & Effective

June 27, 2014

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Stretch Marks can appear when there is rapid stretching of the skin. This can be due to changing shape as a teenager, pregnancy and just general weight fluctuations. What people generally have in mind about stretch marks is that they are silvery white from the beginning, because most people will start to notice them when they are fully developed. In reality, it’s a long process where they first develop as raised lines that are red or pink colour. Slowly they fade to a dark purple colour and finally settling to a silvery, white mark that we commonly know as stretch marks. It’s important to realise that they take months to form fully and stay on your skin for years so expect them to at least take a few months for Stretch Marks Removal treatment.

The common areas for stretch marks formation is usually abdomen, breast, upper arms, buttocks and thighs. Women can get self conscious of stretch marks specially during the Summer months when skin show is necessary due to heat and humidity. With the added occurrence of festivals, holidays and beach outings during these warmer months, having stretch marks at display can especially affect confidence when it comes to women. Although there is no stigma attached to stretch marks as they are a common skin condition that affects almost every other women, it’s just about dealing with it personally. Especially when it’s visible on areas such as upper arms and legs which are always in the scrutiny of the public eye.

With not many treatments floating around when it comes to stretch marks removal, it can be stressful if you want to start getting it treated for a special occasion such as a wedding or maybe even a beach holiday. Derma Roller is the most safe and effective treatment for stretch mark removal in the skincare industry. Recommended by Dermatologist’s, it’s FDA approved, with high quality needles penetrating the epidermis. The aim of the derma roller treatment is to encourage skin cell renewal, which will help fade current scarred skin and replace it with fresh, flawless skin.

Collagen and elastin production is also stimulated with derma roller treatment which is key in stretch marks removal. This ensures new skin will be tauter, firmer, more elastic and younger looking. Now because a derma roller treatment will work with numerous layers of scar tissue, results will show gradually via fading stretch marks that appear faint every couple of weeks. You can either choose to purchase an at-home derma roller that you can choose to roll a few times a week. Or if you are looking for professional results, a salon treatment would be more intense with a higher needle size and strategic rolling by a professional therapist.

Whatever you opt for, the results are effective, safe and guaranteed over a period of time. It’s a natural process that a derma roller treatment initiates with the skin hence it’s bound to show results. Don’t let stretch marks affect your ability to dress as you as like or your confidence. Start your stretch marks removal treatment now!