Microblading Eyebrows

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Keeping crows feet at bay with Botox

Even those who don’t consider themselves to be displaying any outward signs of ageing may have noticed lines appearing at the corners of their eyes when they smile or squint.…
July 3, 2014

Derma Roller Acne Scar Treatment as featured in Embarrassing Bodies

Acne Scar Treatment – Is there a solution? Acne itself is just not embarrassing and difficult to deal with but so is Acne Scarring which can leave behind a lot…
March 6, 2014

Roll up, Roll up – the low down on the Derma roller

Derma Roller Treatment London You may or may not have heard of the latest big buzz in skin rejuvenation – the Derma roller – but if you haven’t heard about…
January 12, 2014

Reduce enlarged pores for flawless looking skin

Did you know one of the main reasons for large pores is oily skin, your gender and age? In fact, contrary to popular belief, it’s not acne that can cause…
May 10, 2013

Pre Holiday Must Have Summer Beauty Treatments

Shumaila’s Hair & Beauty is a trusted beauty salon on the high street that can help you with all the beauty and maintenance treatments that you needn’t bother yourself with…
May 3, 2013