The brush that changed the way make-up was applied. It changed the way we traditionally applied concealer and eye shadows. A revolution that made blending a smoky eye a piece of cake. Something everyone wanted to have in their makeup brush collection. Not one, multiple of them so each one could be used for a different purpose without the inconvenience of washing it after every use. White brush hairs cobbled together in an oval shape, with densely packed brush hairs and the perfect mid-length to allow that dreamy flexibility – the blending brush is officially one of the most bought and search for brushes.

We present to you, our MAC 217 Dupe namely Shumaila’s Blending Brush. It comes at a fraction of a price compared to MAC 217 which retails at a whopping £19. Not economically feasible if you are trying to build your collection or have your eyes on a number of brushes. After being requested to create something similar by our loyal clients at the salon, we put in months of effort to come up with this product that’s just as good as the original if not better. The bristles have been tightly glued and tied at the ferrule so there’s no shedding. The white brush hairs have been carefully selected to be the soft, dense and flexible.

Now that there’s an affordable and accessible MAC 217 dupe available, let’s discuss what this multi-tasker can be used for.

Concealer Application. The white brush hairs ensure less amount of product is absorbed so unlike traditional concealer brushes, it won’t ‘eat’ away most of your product. The tapered ends and the fluffy brush hairs give concealer a light, airbrushed finish. It gives the most natural finish even with a heavy coverage concealer so a cakey appearance and creases under the eyes can be a thing of the past.

Eye Shadow Application & Blending. Again, if you are a newbie to the world of sultry smoky eyes and want to replicate a look created by your favourite YouTube Beauty guru, then this MAC 217 dupe will be your best bet. It applies shadows in a soft manner where it almost blankets the lids in a veil of colour. As for that tricky crease blending, it seamlessly fits around the eye socket to create smooth transitions and no harsh edges.

Highlighting. If you’re trying to cheat your way to healthy looking skin that’s radiant, supple and glowing from within, this MAC 217 dupe is the perfect contender to help you achieve that. Perfect for highlighting the bridge of the nose, brow bone and the top of the cheeks. Some brushes can get a little too frayed and can cover a larger area of the face so if you are looking to highlight and illuminate the face precisely and naturally, using creams, powers or liquids, this will be your knight in shining armour.

Contouring. If highlighting the face wasn’t tricky enough, contouring is two steps ahead when it comes to upping the difficulty level. Too much can easily look harsh in daylight and resemble drag make-up and too much blending can make that shading disappear and negate the effect you’re going for. This MAC 217 dupe is a fluffy blending brush that picks up the perfect amount of colour and draws on shadows around the nose, on the sides of the face, jawline and underneath the cheekbones seamlessly. It does all the work for you and applies and blends colour at the same time, offering a precise yet smooth finish.

Setting. If you are working with skin that has acne, uneven skin tone, pigmentation issues and so on, a lot of work can go into pin point concealing and layering product gradually. One you’ve achieve the desired result, this MAC 217 dupe is a modern way to set all that hard work without disturbing the concealing underneath. Whether it be under the eye, around the mouth or on blemishes, it works just as well with loose and pressed powders to seal the concealing underneath. Use gentle strokes or buff in small circular motions to set.