Profhilo Treatment in Loughton and Benefits of Profhilo Treatment

profhilo treatment done on neck of a woman in loughton
Skin Rejuvenating

Profhilo Treatment?

A revolutionary treatment that is currently a buzzword in the industry, Profhilo offers a completely new way to rejuvenate the skin, improve skin tone, and increase moisture and laxity.

How does Profhilo work?

Profhilo is the first treatment of its kind. It’s a ‘beneath the skin’ treatment and uses hyaluronic acid that is free from chemical cross-linking agents. The result is a hyaluronic acid gel, which is injected into the skin to stimulate the activity of the dermal cells. This has a long lasting impact, by stimulating the natural collagen and elastic production, for firmer and younger looking skin, as well as brighter and softer too.

Profhilo essentially creates a natural reaction, prompting the skin to ‘wake up and triggering natural processes that slow as we age.

What can I expect from the treatment?

Profhilo requires a course of 2-3 treatments, which are carried out four weeks apart. There are five injection points on each side of the face, which is all that is needed to create maximum results. The injections are given under the surface of the skin, and the gel dissolves quickly because there are no cross-linking agents. This makes Profhilo a great alternative to dermal fillers.

Over the four weeks following your treatment, collagen and elastin production will continue within the dermis, giving the skin a more plump, firm and youthful appearance.

Profhilo is most commonly used on the face and neck, but it can also be used on the knees, arms, stomach, hands and décolletage, for younger looking skin and improved laxity.

How long do the results last?

You can expect the results from your treatment to last six to twelve months. The length of time that the results last will depend on your unique reaction to Profhilo. We advise that you return for a maintenance treatment once every three months to make your results last as long as possible.

Can I have Profhilo with other treatments?

Profhilo can be given with other treatments, such as PRP treatments, botox or dermal fillers. At Shumailas, we can recommend a treatment plan to deliver your desired results.

Who is Profhilo?

Profhilo creates an airbrushed finish to the skin, which means it’s suitable for people of all ages and for most skin types. It is most effective in patients over the age of 30, and many people have this treatment to help with the visual signs of ageing, for a more youthful appearance.

If you have visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, or you are unhappy with your skin laxity, you would be the perfect candidate for Profhilo. Although if you are younger, and want to boost your skin for a super hydrated and glowing look, Profhilo could give the results you are looking for. The treatment is ideal for both men and women.

Is there any downtime required?

You might be pleased to hear that there is no downtime necessary after having Profhilo. We do advise that you avoid alcohol and anti-inflammatory medication 24 hours after your treatment. Please also avoid wearing makeup and exercising, as well as steam rooms and saunas in the 24 hours following your treatment.

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