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Acne Laser Treatment using Er:Glass Technology

Our commitment to helping you achieve clear, radiant skin is exemplified by our specialised acne laser treatment using the advanced Er:Glass laser technology with the Harmony XL Clear Skin Laser.

Benefits of Er:Glass Acne Laser Treatment with Harmony XL Clear Skin Pro:

  • Effective Acne Reduction: The Er:Glass laser precisely targets and reduces active acne, minimising inflammation and promoting clearer skin.
  • Oil Control: By addressing sebaceous glands, this treatment helps regulate oil production, reducing the likelihood of future breakouts.
  • Improved Skin Texture: Acne scars and skin texture irregularities are minimised, promoting a smoother complexion.
  • Non-Invasive and Safe: The Harmony XL Clear Skin Pro Laser ensures a gentle yet effective acne treatment with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Why Choose Us?

At Shumaila’s London clinics, we prioritise your comfort and satisfaction. Our experienced team ensures a personalised approach to each client’s unique skin goals, delivering safe and effective treatments in a welcoming environment.

Why Choose Acne Laser Treatment at Shumaila’s London?

  • Expertise and Precision: Our skilled practitioners specialise in Er:Glass acne laser treatments, providing tailored solutions for each individual’s skin concerns.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We utilize the Harmony XL Laser, delivering the latest laser technology for optimal acne reduction.
  • Personalised Care: Each treatment is customised to address specific acne concerns, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Understanding Acne Laser Treatment with Er:Glass Technology:

Our clinic offers acne laser treatment utilising the Er:Glass laser, operating at a specific wavelength to effectively target and treat acne-prone skin. This innovative technology penetrates deep into the skin, targeting sebaceous glands to reduce excess oil production and minimise acne inflammation.

Introducing Harmony XL Clear Skin Pro: Revolutionising Acne Treatment:

We use Harmony XL Clear Skin Laser, to offer state-of-the-art acne treatments. This advanced platform is specifically designed to deliver precision in acne therapy, providing effective results while ensuring patient comfort and safety.

Schedule Your Consultation for Acne Laser Treatment:

Ready to combat acne and achieve clearer skin with Er:Glass laser technology? Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our experienced team will assess your skin concerns and design a personalised acne treatment plan tailored to your needs.

At Shumaila’s London, we combine expertise with innovative Er:Glass laser technology using the Harmony XL Pro Clear Skin machine to provide effective and safe acne treatments. Rediscover confidence in your skin’s clarity with our specialised acne laser therapy.

How To Get Started?

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Shilpi Kaddus

119 days ago

I highly recommend Shumaila’s in Gaby’s Hill. Superb treatments and service. Feel like a new woman… minus 10 plus years! Plus great value for money! I actually travel in from Milan, Italy to here as they are the best!!!!

Mehnaz mannan

162 days ago

I have done Collagen Boost with Marina today. My veins are extremely narrow, and in few places they failed to take my blood for plasma treatment. Today Marina was extremely helpful and after waiting for hours for my specific condition, she was successful.

Rugile Paklonskaite

189 days ago

One of the best clinics in east London. I went to East ham Shumailas clinic for waxing it was really good and not painful at all. All staff is really professional they told me about facials they do so I booked for microneedling with collagen boost and it was amazing as well. Results is stunning 🤩

keecha collymore

193 days ago

I've suffered with Lupus for the past 7 years and due to the medication I'm taking to treat my lupus I suffer with severe hyperpigmentation which made me feel very uncomfortable, that when I decided to book a consultation at shumaila's London Aesthetic about Collagen treatment, that's one of the best decisions I've made. The results I got after the first treatment was unbelievable, I'm very pleased and satisfied with the results.the customer service is extremely good. Highly recommended

Serife Dent

217 days ago

Asma, was so patient with my needs and alleviated any anxiety I had with my first treatment, which has already made a difference. I would definitely recommend!

Temi Olagunju

222 days ago

I’ve had a few sessions and so far and it’s been great. My first session, Marima was so professional, prepared me adéquately for the session by providing all the information and even went out of her way to reassure and make me feel comfortable. The service has been nothing but excellent so far and Marima is very polite, patient with me, professional and very experienced too. I’m already seeing good results and looking forward to the outcome.

Muhammad Umair

251 days ago

Great experience, they organise Rabia to come over all the way to East Ham to serve me and my friend. She was extremely professional and knowledgeable, 100 percent satisfaction with the treatment


327 days ago

Did Vampire Facial (Skin Collagen Boost on Face) with Microneedling here 2 days back. I enjoyed the experience. The staff were friendly. My treatment was done by Nisha while supervised by Nazia. Both were nice. Will come back again!

Rashda Shaheen

504 days ago

I was anxious about Prep Pasma BUT now I'm looking forward to my next treatment- especially if Asma does it She is really good

Saima Naseem

505 days ago

I have had an excellent experience at Shumaila with Asma she has given me great results with prep treatment and body pigmentation.

What is the Cost of Acne Laser Treatment?

Clear Skin Laser Single
Treatment From
Course of 6
Face £250 £750
Other Parts Price on Consultation
Excellent 4.9 out of 5
Showing our 4 & 5 star reviews
Today was the first time I visited…

Today was the first time I visited Shumailas for Laser hair removal and laser hair regrowth. The staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly. I loved the atmosphere & the treatments! Thank you so much highly recommend xxx

great experience

great experience

Fajar was amazing with my laser…

Fajar was amazing with my laser treatment.

I’ve been under the care of Indu for…

I’ve been under the care of Indu for sometime now. She has excellent customer service skills, she’s very friendly & extremely talented. It’s always great pleasure being under the care of Indu. Keep up the good work!

Fantastic job Arshiya in facials and…

Fantastic job Arshiya in facials and Mandeep in waxing and laser

I had the opportunity to get a lovely…

I had the opportunity to get a lovely laser session with ,Fajar and I can say that was the most gentle and smooth experience that I had in my life. I recommend 10000000% , I can't wait to go back in few weeks for my next session. You're just amazing 😍, thank you so much.

Rugile had good knowledge about the…

Rugile had good knowledge about the treatment I was undergoing with her and gave advice about other treatments that could help with some of the issues I had . She was kind and patient and her space was organised and clean. The booking process was straightforward and the ladies were very accommodating when I had to reschedule.

6 sessions of laser

Just finished my 6th session of laser - and i am so far happy with my results. Halima looks after me always whatever treatment I do at the salon & I couldn’t ask for anyone better. She is very talented and walks you through every process without feeling any pain or fear. I can always put my trust in her hands.

Best laser always by Fajar!

Best laser always by Fajar!

Mandeep always so professional and…

Mandeep always so professional and always has information on all services and products offered. Completed my laser would not go to anyone else.


Fajar did my laser hair removal today and was very good. Definitely knows everything about the laser and can answer all your questions! Very professional.

I have my laser sessions done here

I have my laser sessions done here, on my third session for my tummy line and bikini line. The progress has been amazing, i am happy with my results. Mandeep has been reassuring, informative and caring.

Good experience

Good experience. Daisy, from the Upminster branch, was really helpful and skilled. She was very considerate and helpful throughout. She knew what she was doing. Overall, happy with the service.

My experience at Shumalia with Mandeep…

My experience at Shumalia with Mandeep is amazing. She’s very polite and very good. I always enjoyed my treatment with her ( facial & laser ) All the staff are very well trained.

Laser session with Mandeep

I am taking my laser sessions with Mandeep, what a lovely n experience lady I must say, she makes sure person is comfortable throughout the session n keeps a track of your results, I noticed improvement in my growth after 3rd session, excited n looking frwd to take my whole 12 sessions with them. Ambiance, machinery, staff everyone is topnotch, highly recommended.

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2 Sessions of PROFHILO for £449 instead of £650 up to 25%+ OFF!

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25%+ OFF

2 Sessions of PROFHILO for £449 instead of £650 up to 25%+ OFF!

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Collagen Boost Facial (Vampire Facial) / Neck PRP - Up to 40% OFF

Get Face and Neck PRP from £250 per session instead of £350 or avail up to 40% discount on any package

Collagen Boost Facial (Vampire Facial) / Neck PRP - Up to 40% OFF

Get Face and Neck PRP from £250 per session instead of £350 or avail up to 40% discount on any package

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50% Discount on all body packages

No surgery, no downtime - just results!

50% Discount on all body packages

No surgery, no downtime - just results!

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Microneedling with Plasma From £199, claim additional £50 discount on any package of Microneedling.

From £199

Microneedling with Plasma From £199, claim additional £50 discount on any package of Microneedling.

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Bio-Re Peel Package of 6 for £630

Body peels, under-arms and bikini, for a package of 6

Bio-Re Peel Package of 6 for £630

Body peels, under-arms and bikini, for a package of 6

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