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Eyebrow Treatments and Costs at Shumaila’s


What brow treatments do you offer?

Shumaila’s has been established for 20+ years, and we have kept our treatment menu up to date with the latest trends and brow treatments. We currently offer:

  • Brow Thread
  • Brow Wax
  • Brow Tint
  • Henna Brows
  • High Definition Brows
  • Brow Lamination
  • Microblading
  • Ombre Brows

What is eyebrow threading?

Threading is an ancient art which uses a thread to pull hair out from it’s root. It is a precise method which requires skill and lots of practice to master. Our threading technicians have years of experience and use this technique daily to achieve perfectly groomed eyebrows for our clients.

How long does brow threading take? 10 mins

What is eyebrow waxing?

Waxing is a technique, which uses wax melted at a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees. This is applied to the unwanted brow hair, allowed to set and then removed. There are two types of wax that are commonly used for eyebrow waxing, strip wax or hot wax. At Shumaila’s we only use hot wax for the eyebrows, as it protects the integrity of the skin and has close to no exfoliating effect. Hot wax is also known to be less painful than strip wax.

How long does brow wax take? 10 mins

What is brow tint?

Eyebrow tinting is the process in which we dye your eyebrows to a darker shade. A special tint that is designed specifically for the eyebrows and eyelashes is used. Brow tint is most commonly used to cover grey or blonde hairs in the brow. The shades available for brow tint are:

  • Light brown
  • Dark brown
  • Black
  • Blue black

How long does brow tint take? 5-10 mins
Patch test required at least 2 days before

What are henna brows?

Using henna to dye hair has a long history which can date back to ancient Egyptian period. Henna powder is derived from a plant, and is a more healthier and natural alternative to chemical synthetic hair dyes. Commonly used to cover grey brow hair, and to make your eyebrows darker.

The difference between henna brows and regular dye is the amount of ammonia, and the longevity. Henna stains BOTH the skin and the hair for longer-lasting results as compared to regular tint. Normal tint has a cream consistency and henna has a fine powder structure.

How long do henna brows take? 30 mins
Patch test required at least 2 days before

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a lifting treatment for your brow hairs. Your brow technician will manipulate each of your brow hair into an upright lifted position so your eyebrows look more fluffy and fuller. If you have gaps in your growth, the gaps can be covered by manipulating surrounding hairs to cover the gaps. A lifting cream is then applied which sets the hair in this position for up to 4-6 weeks. As well as people who have gaps in their eyebrows, this is also an ideal treatment for those who have brow hairs which naturally point downward. The end result is thicker, fluffy and fuller looking brows.

How long does brow lamination take? 45 mins
Patch test required 2 days before.

What are high definition brows?

As the name suggests, we create perfectly well groomed high definition brows using the 6 steps below:

1. Measuring
2. Tinting
3. Waxing
4. Threading
5. Tweezing
6. Filling in

How long do HD brows take? 30 mins
Tint patch test required at least 2 days before

What is microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup, in which we use a “micro-blade” to draw hair strokes and implant pigment within your eyebrow. In a nut-shell it is a much more natural version of eyebrow tattooing. Eyebrow tattoos last a lifetime, whereas microblading lasts around 1-2 years and looks a lot more natural.

How long does microblading take? 1 Hour

What are ombre brows?

Like microblading, ombre brows are also a form of semi-permanent makeup, in which we use a needle to implant pigment within your eyebrow in a blended way. Ombre refers to when a pattern goes from light to dark, so the front of the eyebrows are light and the tail of the brows are a more intense shade. Ombre brows last around 1-2 years and look a lot more natural than a permanent eyebrow tattoo.

How long do ombre brows take? 2 Hours

How to get started?

Brow thread or wax

callWe offer walk-in appointments for threading and waxing, subject to availability

Microblading or ombre brows

commentConsultation required for microblading and ombre brows, please request a call back using the form below.

Tint, Henna, HD brows, lamination

emoji_eventsVisit us for a patch test, and to book your treatment 2 days after your patch test

Client Results

Brow Reviews

Here’s what our clients have to say…

Loved my treatment my therapist was extremely polite and friendly but also very professional I had laser treatment but they also managed to squeeze me in to have my eyebrows threaded excellent customer service

R Shaikh – Loughton Salon

What is the Cost of Eyebrow Treatments?

We have 7 salons in East London & Essex UK, and 1 in Lahore Pakistan.

Upminster, Gants Hill Ilford, Woodford Green (Chigwell), Loughton, Seven Kings, East Ham, Lahore Pakistan

Terms and Conditions Apply

Treatment Price
Eyebrow Tint £8
Eyebrow Thread or Wax
Henna Brows £16
HD Brows £25
Brow Lamination £38
Microblading £325
Ombre Brows £350

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    Brows Frequently Asked Questions

    If you want to maintain the thickness of your eyebrow, ask your brow technician to tidy up only and not to make them thin. This will give you a well groomed result without compromising on the thickness.

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