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Facial Thread Veins Removal Costs and Treatment at Shumaila’s

Facial Thread Veins

What skin conditions can be treated?

We treat a number of vascular skin conditions such as:

  • Thread Veins or Telangiectasia
    These are permanently dilated capillaries. They have very thin walls which constantly dilate and constrict. As we age, these vessels loose their elasticity and can become permanently dilated. There are numerous causes including sun-damage, hereditary, ageing, pregnancy, physical trauma (e.g injury to the skin), exposure to harsh weather, hormonal changes and fragile skin.
  • Blood Spots
    Also known as Campbell De Morgan or  Cherry Angiomas, these are bright red, superficial and circular vascular blemishes. These are often dome shaped or slightly raised and found mainly on the trunk of the body but also on the face and limbs. Most people aged over 30 have at least one and they are often more common in men than women.
  • Spider Naevus
    A spider naevus consists of a central dilated blood vessel, with smaller capillaries radiating from it like legs of a spider. They can be found in isolation or gathered together in clumps on areas such as the cheeks.

How are thread veins treated?

At Shumaila’s we use advanced electrolysis techniques to safely and effectively remove skin blemishes such as facial thread veins. The tip of the finest, smallest probe possible (about the size of an eyelash) is introduced along the line of the capillary and high frequency energy is discharged. This dries up and destroys the vessel which often disappears as it is being treated. In fact doctors were using an early type of this treatment back in 1900’s to treat broken capillaries, warts and xanthelasma. The treatment has progressed and improved beyond recognition with modern technology and is a safe, comfortable and effective treatment much in demand by clients.

How many sessions will you need?

These treatments often offer instantaneous results however the length of the treatment depends on your specific skin condition and how large an area is to be treated. Your electrologist at Shumaila’s will advise you during your consultation, however the area of concern must not be over-treated and your skin reactivity will be taken into account. Multiple treatments may be required dependent on skin healing, usually every 3 weeks if skin heals well.

Will your thread veins return?

The treated thread veins should not return however others may occur depending on the root cause. There are many possible causes of telangiectasia, and for the treatment to be effective and to maintain results the cause must be identified to prevent further thread veins.

What is the healing time?

Following your treatment you can expect some pin dot crusts where the skin is treated, these are tiny and often are “felt” rather than “seen”. The crusts must be left to fall off naturally. The skin can take up to 3 weeks to fully heal. Please scroll down to our Frequently Asked Questions section below, to read our full aftercare advice.

Does thread vein removal hurt?

Our client’s do not describe the treatment as being painful. You can expect to feel a heat sensation in a similar way to a pin prick.

How to get started?

Step 1

callBook your FREE phone consultation by requesting a call back. During this we will:
  • address any questions that you might have regarding the treatment.
  • go through aftercare
  • discuss the area that needs to be treated
  • go through prices

Step 2

commentIf you are happy with all the information, you can then book to get your facial thread veins removed with our highly qualified therapist.

Client Results

Thread Vein Removal Reviews

Here’s what our clients have to say…

My skin looks a lot better just after 1 treatment, there is less redness coming through when I apply my makeup. I am very happy and will be back for more treatment.

V Tarzou – Gants Hill Ilford Salon

What is the Cost of Thread Vein Removal?

We have 7 Salons in East London & Essex UK

Upminster, Gants Hill Ilford, Woodford Green (Chigwell), Loughton, Seven Kings, East Ham

Terms and Conditions Apply

Treatment Price
up to 15 mins £50
up to 30 mins £100

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    Thread Veins Removal Frequently Asked Questions

    Following treatment ensure that you adhere to these aftercare instructions to avoid unwanted reactions/infections:

    • Pin dot crusts or scabs may appear which seal the skin and prevent infection.
    • These must not be rubbed or picked off, as to do so may result in scarring.
    • The crusts or scabs are tiny and often are “felt” rather than “seen”.
    • Do not touch, rub or irritate the treated area.
    • When washing and cleansing around the area, use a gentle soap or perfume free cleanser and gently pat the area dry to avoid dislodging any crusts or scabs.
    • Avoid activities for 48 hours that stimulate blood flow following vascular treatments, e.g exercise, hot showers, hot baths, hot spicy food and alcohol.
    • Avoid activities for 48 hours that may irritate or dislodge any crusts or scabs, e.g. swimming, saunas, steam rooms, facial steaming, facial scrubs, waxing and other beauty treatments until the area has completely healed.
    • Do not fly within 48 hours following a vascular treatment.
    • You must keep out of UV light completely during the healing process and as much as possible hereafter.
    • Once healed, cover and protect sun exposed areas using a good quality, high factor sunscreen at all times, particularly in the summer months.
    • Avoid the possible causes of vascular blemishes, for example, wearing tight fitting glasses, squeezing spots, careless or erratic tweezing or blowing nose too vigorously.
    • Avoid using any possible skin sensitisers or irritants such as perfumes, fake tan, products or perfumed body lotions until skin is healed.
    • Should you have any concerns regarding your treatment please contact the salon.

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