Skin Pigmentation Treatment

Reduce Dark Spots and Melasma.

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Freckles are a type of skin pigmentation that is characterized by small, dark spots on the skin. Treatment options are available to reduce the appearance of freckles including topical creams, laser treatments, and micro-needling pigmentation.


A type of pigmentation that mainly occurs due to hormonal imbalances, genetic triggers, sun, damage, medication and chemical reaction. Hormonal pigmentation, Sun Damage pigmentation, Sun Spots pigmentation and genetics Pigmentation are mainly treated under Melasma.

Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

This is the type of pigmentation that is mainly triggered by intensive skin trauma or any severe reaction to the skin. Hyperpigmentation is the most common cause of uneven skin tone and texture. It usually occurs in small patches, Discoloration or covering a large area of the skin.

Age Spots

They can be caused by sun exposure, hormonal changes, or heredity. Older age spots tend to be larger and more difficult to treat than younger ones. Treatments include topical creams, laser therapy, and micro-needling pigmentation treatments.

Face Pigmentation

The type of pigmentation that occurs around the lips, neck, eyes, etc. It can be treated with the help of experts. Dark patches on face pigmentation, dark face patches pigmentation and Face Spots Pigmentation are the main types of pigmentation which we treated.

Acne Scars Pigmentation

The type of pigmentation that mainly occurs on the face. Hyperpigmentation and acne scarring they’re actually different. We give the best treatment to our clients for Acne Spots Pigmentation, Acne Scarring Pigmentation, and Hyper Pigmentation.

Body Pigmentation

The type of pigmentation that occurs on different parts of the body. The main triggers of body pigmentation are sun damage, acne, shaving, hair removal creams, stretch marks, bikini pigmentation and post Pregnancy marks pigmentation.

Burn Scars

The type of pigmentation that mainly occurs second and third-degree burns. These burn usually leave behind scars. Burns can cause Hypertrophic scars that are red or purple. Scars, which are areas of thick, discoloured skin, often develop after damaged skin causes cells to die.

Types of Pigmentation

The different types of pigmentation that we are able to treat at Shumaila’s:

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Best Skin Pigmentation Treatment in London & Essex

We provide one of the best skin pigmentation treatments in London & Essex. We provide skin pigmentation treatment in our 7 branches in the UK including East Ham & Upminster in London, Ilford in Essex etc.

What are the benefits of skin pigmentation treatment?

  • It removes stubborn pigmentation without surgery
  • Even out your skin tone
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Down time is less than laser pigmentation removal
  • Damage free process
  • Reduces fine lines and dehydration of skin


Client Results

Who can get pigmentation treatment?

Pigmentation treatments are suitable for all skin types. However, we offer a complementary consultation to check any form of individual contraindications. A complete assessment will be done prior to treatment and during the procedure.

If you suffer from the following, you can get Pigmentation treatments done at Shumaila’s

  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • PIH
  • Age spots (brown spot)
  • Body Pigmentation
  • Dark Underarms
  • Dark Neck

When Will You Start Seeing Results?

Cosmelan De-pigmentation Peel

With De-pigmentation results are significantly visible after 1 treatment.

Micro Needling

3-6 sessions are required for Micro needling with mild peels, however you will notice results after your 1st treatment.

Body Peels

With body peels you require 4-6 sessions, you can expect to see results after 1 treatment.

Body Hydra

3 Sessions are recommended. Results are visible right after the treatment.


3-6 Sessions recommended, Instant results and constant improvement can be noticed in few days

What Skin Pigmentation Offers

Showing our favorite reviews on Google

Ayomide Bello

22 days ago

Very good i recommend

Esmeralda Hilaj

151 days ago

I’ve had 3 sessions of Morpheus8 combined with prf with Marima and I highly recommend her as I can see huge improvements in my skin


183 days ago

It is very sad that Google only allows five star because I would love to give Nazia multiple stars years My story is, I was suffering with a different kind of skin condition, which was Unexplainable. It was dry, dark patchy and thick Skin and I wasn’t too sure what to do. I came in for a consultation, and after scanning assessment, I didn’t realise what it is. I have strictly followed whatever Nazia told me blindly and after four weeks of my post treatment, I cannot explain in words how happy I’m flying in the sky, a completely different person when she saw me for my skin checkup today she asked me who am I and we both were laughing ❤️❤️

Denzil Singh

199 days ago

Suffering from akin concerns , and finding a place like shumailas is indeed a win win , thanks for everything nazia

Amelie Baldwin

238 days ago

I've been going to Shumailas for years and have never been disappointed with my results. My last appointment was a skin treatment by Nadia and my face texture has never felt smoother. I was also encouraged by my Aunt to go for the laser course for hair removal after seeing her successful results, and after the treatment I can say that really pleased with the results. Would definitely recommend if you're looking a professional and rewarding treat for yourself. Thank you Shumailas and a big thank you to the Shumailas team!

zara Furreedan

277 days ago

Cosmelan 2 - have seen a huge improvement in the pigmentation and texture of my skin. I would highly recommend Maryama in particular who undertakes all of my treatments.

Pooja Joshi

290 days ago

I am delighted to see results on my skin after hyperpigmentation with the help of Cosmelan peel. I would highly recommend come to Shumaila’s . And Nazia can guide you what is best for your skin needs my skin is rejuvenated. I got my confidence back and I’m very happy that I made the decision and trusted Nazia ❤️❤️ thanks to beautiful Upminster team as well

Salima T

301 days ago

I chose this place because of the convenience of it being close to home, I usually have treatments done near work in Central London. I suffered dark pigmentation from chemical burns caused by various strengths of prescription steroid creams, which unfortunately left unsightly dark brown pigmentation marks. I started using the 2 weeks prep kit and could see the pigmentation breaking away. On the day I went in to have my Cosmelan 1 applied, I felt it was an in and out experience, the mask applied, then a quick explanation of the take home aftercare kit. I would I say I was in there for less than 15 minutes. The clinic provides you with their WhatsApp contact so you can post updates on your progress, ask questions and address any concerns. The response time is pretty much straight away. If you're looking to get rid of pigmentation fast, I would highly recommend Cosmelan 1 & 2 the evidence is visible within weeks of usage and by the end of month 1 I was almost 90% pigmentation free. I had 1 prominent keloid scar and Cosmelan totally renewed and healed that part of the skin, I am keloid free. I had one plasma treatment, which is great if you're ok with needles. The outcome was skin brightening, there's a slight discomfort during the treatment, but that goes away pretty quick. I also had a haircut. I needed my layers redone as it had grown out, and it was a good cut for the price. Overall experience is friendly staff and clean setting. Highly recommend. Thank you for the ongoing support and post Cosmelan aftercare @Gantshill branch

keecha collymore

304 days ago

I've suffered with Lupus for the past 7 years and due to the medication I'm taking to treat my lupus I suffer with severe hyperpigmentation which made me feel very uncomfortable, that when I decided to book a consultation at shumaila's London Aesthetic about Collagen treatment, that's one of the best decisions I've made. The results I got after the first treatment was unbelievable, I'm very pleased and satisfied with the results.the customer service is extremely good. Highly recommended

Asma Aman

334 days ago

I had my cosmaelan treatment for pigmentation from here through marime. It made huge difference. I was not expecting that good results. All my pigments gone skin smooth. I feel like new. I highly recommend this treatment.

Manila Mohan

381 days ago

I have received excellent skin treatment for my scars. Marine has been great and addressed all my concerns really well. Excellent customer service!

Sandy Kaur

381 days ago

Hi . I have Cosmelan de pigmentation treatment I had treatment last month after 1 month results see on my face . I’m happy with my treatment. Really recommend who dark spots or pigmentation. It’s help cosmelan treatment . Marima thanks

Alex Smith

438 days ago

Yesterday, I started my Cosmelan Depigmentation treatment (preparation stage) to fix the skin pigmentation (hyperpigmentation) issues on my face; in Shumaila's London Upminster clinic. Nazia was the consultant and she was really nice. All the staff at the cinic were friendly and nice. Nazia later answered my multiple queries on WhatsApp as well. My face looks brighter with the preparation serums and cream. They claim that they are the best for skin pigmentation treatment in London. I hope that I can regain my original complexion with this treatment. If in case, the results of the treatment are not impressive, I will reduce the number of stars here later. 🙂

Vikram Patel

577 days ago

I came in with my wife for her skin and spoken to Nazia about my pigmentation randomly. The way she explained I was convinced straight away, started my pigmentation treatment and here I'm today under two months with a face I Always dreamed. Thanks Nazia thanks Shumaila's can't recommend enough 💕💕💕💕

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Our skilled professionals utilise advanced techniques to target and reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation, revealing a more even-toned and radiant complexion that emits confidence and beauty.

  • Reduce hyperpigmentation and sunspots
  • Restore radiance and youthful complexion
  • Address melasma and age spots effectively
  • Professional treatment for a flawless skin tone
  • Reveal smoother and more balanced skin texture
Excellent 5 out of 5
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I would like to share my whole journey…

I would like to share my whole journey I had a skin which I never understood what it is exactly. It has a shattered pigmentation, especially my neck area. when I was searching for my skin condition I came across Shumaila. I have checked their Instagram page and all those before and after were so attractive. I have decided that yes I have to come to these guys, then I sent an enquiry and I was called by a lady Nazia who is the head of treatment. She has explained to me and booked me in for a face-to-face consultation. it was a very detailed consultation and I was convinced they have started me for my de-pigmentation journey. I have followed every step and I had throughout the process guidance. All the staff are extremely friendly and definitely they are the best even my kids love them I am here for my skin checkup today and I am surely jumping to the moon. I am very happy and I’m really really pleased that I have chose right people, even though it was my first time and I trusted them I made this journey, everything was worth it. Thank you, Nazia and thank you Shumaila you guys are the bestest

We just start a melasma treatment at…

We just start a melasma treatment at colchester branch. And from the 1st visit, the staff make you to feel very welcome. They explain you any doubts-questions you have. Even if you are skeptical. I would like to mention Dr. Atiya for her very good job she did. And the manager of the branch for all the effort he put in. I defently recommend to visit the clinic and to get their professional advice!

I was a student and I was suffering…

I was a student and I was suffering from a skin condition that was triggered by a wrong treatment in Pakistan. My skin was in a very bad state of pigmentation ,so much that it used to make me depressed and already with so much stress in this country when you move from abroad, it was not helping me. I have contacted many clinics but people were so, cold towards me and nobody really show me any help I have found out Shumaila’s online and I have booked my consultation. I came and see Nazia who were not only informative, but she was very nice kind and polite to me as well. She’s such a nice person. She recommended me the treatment and help me to understand the whole procedure. I was suffering with some financial problems when I called her back she was really accommodating and did not make me feel bad at all. She helped me a lot with the entire procedure and for me a dream coming true to see my face and walking out without even thinking about make up , I have spoken to my mother on video call and she is very happy in this holy month. I can give you lots of prayers Nazia thank you so much for everything.

Upminster ,Branch

Upminster ,Branch, my girls, have always guided me what I need even though I have always been apprehensive, but somehow Nazia manages to calm me down and explain to me and I must say that any suggestion never went wrong. I get a lot of compliments for my new Glow skin, my pigmentation has almost gone

Suffering from akin concerns

Suffering from akin concerns , and finding a place like shumailas is indeed a win win , thanks for everything nazia

I've had Cosmalen peel

I've had Cosmalen peel. Last month and I can’t stop smiling before I wasn’t happy with my skin and now I’m soo soo happy. I can’t describe how happy I am. i cant thank enough Dr Indu she was amazing. She done a really really good job. She made me feel comfortable. I’d defo recommend her to anyone. She was very lovely and sweet. Thank you Dr Indu.

I'm very happy with my depigmentation…

I'm very happy with my depigmentation results , they are based in upminster and I travel from Southall and now my family will come as well ,it was worth it thank you nazia and thanks shumailas upminster entire team

Nazia nazia nazia I was not sure about…

Nazia nazia nazia I was not sure about cosmelan but you convinced me and honestly I’m thankful my darling and now you will be treating my under eyes must I’m very happy Love you and love Shumailas all team upminster ❤️❤️

I was suffering from a skin condition…

I was suffering from a skin condition which I was not too sure. what was it exactly they look like freckles but they were spreading they gone darker and because naturally I have light skin colour it was not looking nice. I have looked online and searched for my options, and I have come across shumailas so out of curiosity to see if they can help me. I contacted them. I have spoken to Nazia she was really helpful and very knowledgeable. She has invited me for a face-to-face consultation where we had the scan and I have understood what was my skin condition. She explained me the reasons of my pigmentation. She has given me all the necessary information and it all made sense, and then she suggested me a treatment plan which was super comfortable. I have received a lot of support throughout my treatment and I came in to get my skin checked on and I actually got what I wanted super happy and highly recommend to anybody suffering from hyperpigmentation on melasma it worth it. Thank you shumailas. Thank you, Nazia


I had some skin issues and went to Nazia today and omg she was brilliant she knew exactly what the issue was and has given me some treatment to help with my skin and honestly my skin looks absolutely radiant on the first application and this will only get better in time. I could not recommend Nazia and her team any highly with their expert knowledge, care, love and support. So thank you as always for a brilliant service and advice. X

I was very impressed with Nazia and…

I was very impressed with Nazia and Rabia level of professionalism and was extremely high level My skin feels lovely. I am very impressed with the treatment and outcome and would highly recommend to anybody looking for pigmentation removal.

Suffering from freckles and bad…

Suffering from freckles and bad pigmentation. It was really annoying and really upsetting for me but I came out to Shumaila’s I saw nazia and it was really a heartwarming experience and couldn’t be happier with the treatment result couldn’t be more happier with the overall treatment results and the staff thank you everyone highly recommend I would definitely highly recommend

I had melasma and i dis try few things…

I had melasma and i dis try few things but it did nit go then i saw Shumailas on website and i wanted to give it a try, i met nazia on consultation she was thorough and honest and all staff very friendly and accommodating, Me and my husband were nit sure if it is gonna work , but it did im super happy with my face . Thanks everyone 💕

I was suffering with melasma very bad…

I was suffering with melasma very bad one. And I was very sure that there is no treatment that works as I was using a lot of creams. I live a little bit far from the clinic but once I saw an add and I called, I spoke to Nazia from head office upminster branch. And she requested me to come and see her. She done my consultation and I must say. She's the reason that I decided to do the treatment and I will be grateful to her for that. She really convinced me I have started. It was quite a stubborn melasma. She always accommodated me even if I need any skin checkups. Any other suggestions, and today I'm sitting with my beautiful face. Everybody in my family, my friends, they noticed it. I have got my confidence back. I can literally walk out without even thinking about makeup, it was worth it.

I came with a really bad skin it was…

I came with a really bad skin it was intensively pigmented and now I have got nice glossy face which my family noticed everyone noticed even at work my colleagues I'm thankful to Nazia not only helping me but convincing me as well which I really appreciate ♥️ now I can go out without feeling insecure about my pigmentation on my face

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